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In a move designed to bring the fun back to online poker, Bodog announced on Wednesday that it would start making every attempt to block data mining sites from accessing its online poker room. The site will be implementing a system that will block sites like SharkScope, PokerTableRatings, Poker Site Scout, and PokerDB “that mainly serve professional players.”

“These poker operator information portals are another example of how online poker is assisting in its own demise,” said Bodog representative Patrik Selin in a press release. “I have commented previously on how the operators are doing this to themselves with hand histories, HUDs, and rakeback, all of which we will be cutting out. The next tier in the process is the operator information sites.”

Data mining was introduced years ago as a way for players to track information about opponents through the use of hand histories. The practice quickly caught on and has become a necessity for some players in the increasingly tough games of recent years. By being able to analyze hand histories with statistics, players can better utilize their game selection and make optimal decisions based on information they wouldn’t normally have on an opponent.

Sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt made efforts to limit the use of tracking sites in recent years. While most sites have a list of banned programs in their Terms of Service, plenty of data mining sites have remained in business.

Now, Bodog is aggressively putting its foot down.

“Nobody who is playing poker for fun visits these sites or probably even knows they exist,” Selin added. “They primarily exist to serve the needs of the professional players and therefore we will be implementing online protection against these sites to further aid the crucial leisure poker player.”

Bodog could have its work cut out in blocking data mining. Back in 2008, PokerStars got into a tussle with tournament tracking site SharkScope after it refused to remove PokerStars’ player statistics from its site. PokerStars stepped in by monitoring the Sharkscope internet protocol to find out which players were using the site and sent them warnings.

Based on feedback from players, PokerStars elected to disable the detection feature from its software. SharkScope remains an acceptable tool at PokerStars and most online poker rooms, but only while the client isn’t running.

As of Thursday, Bodog was no longer listed on’s Online Poker Traffic Report. The site had been hitting a peak of about 300 cash game players in recent months, which ranked in the mid-30’s in the world on a week-to-week basis. It was ranked in the top 20 last July with an average of about 600 ring game players, but has seen its traffic drop drastically. The decision to prohibit data mining tools could help elevate its player pool by bringing in leisure players.

Bodog recently underwent a software upgrade that took ideas from its valued customers. The changes included an improved login system, easier access to games, and other updates that will reduce time spent clicking around. Players will be able to instantly see what’s going on at Bodog with constantly updated information about bonuses, promotions, and more. Players will also see reminders for tournaments, freerolls, and other special events right on the home screen.

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Bodog is Joke now

You know what else they took out? The ability to see what actions your opponents have taken within a given hand….while making critical river decisions you are no longer able to tell how the hand played out, because it no longer shows up in the chat. Do they really think doing that and also taking away the ability to see stats is going to HELP them get more players? Are they insane?


Bodog’s aspirations to become a global poker brand have fallen apart over the past year because of ridiculous ideas such as this one. I’m not certain how Patrik Selin can criticize other poker rooms when Bodog’s room has been the most pathetic US facing room over the past year. The other rooms are doing fine with the data mining and rake back. Bodog’s poker room will continue to slide until they hire a poker room manager who has experience in the industry with a proven top 10 site, not the poser they currently have.


The sad thing is they are doing what they think is necessary but hell why not just go out and admit your rigging it as much for the fish as necessary that way its blatant and obvious.. The truth is Bodog is the fishiest site out there and we love to snack on them.. Maybe BD just hasnt figured out how to rig their RNG yet like has been suggested happens on other sites (not saying either way).. But we the higher level players know “dont tap the glass it scares the fish” but maybe thats all Bodog wants is fish players to jack up there own take/rake and to hell with the people who actually can play for big bucks.. Maybe they should be more worried about the feking botters that are running rampent on their site roflmao. Idiots are soo stupid they either dont know or dont care that the shankey bots are squishing their precious fish and aint no HUD or anythingelse being used because the players are soo bad the bots simple algorhythms can take the fishs bankrolls in their sleep.. No if Bodog really cared theyd do something bout the botters but they wont.. End of story..

Moral of the story all they care about is the rake.. What they fail to realize is alot of the decent poker players will also place wagers on their site through their sports book and what not but if you run us off as poker players you risk destroying your other operations but thats your choice. I know because Ive placed wagers on their sports book before I mean why not its the one reputable place I know I could do so and definitely get paid and was able to keep my money in a single pile with them.. Screw it they want to be stupid its their loss Ill go place my markers somewherelse.

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