RIP Binion’s Horseshoe Hotel by Lee Jones

The news has just come out that, as of December 14th, there will no longer be a hotel at the Horseshoe Hotel-Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. Of course, it used to be Binion’s Horseshoe, the site of the World Series of Poker for 35 years and the center of the poker world for that long. They’re also closing down the coffee shop. Sic transit gloria mundi. For those of us of a certain age who remember the old days, this is a sobering moment. We’re told that they will keep the poker room, but it’s like saying, “Don’t worry, we’re keeping the statue of Lincoln; we’re just tearing down that big building around him.” I first stepped into Binion’s back in the early 90’s, almost 20 years ago. It was during the WSOP, which used to be in May. I remember because it fell right over Mother’s Day; the fathers among our poker degen crowd could no more get away to Las Vegas that weekend than they could flap their arms and fly over the Grand Canyon. It was just two to three years later when I first stayed at the hotel there. It was with the BARGE group, which has produced some of ...


Ricky B

Hey Lee,
Thanks for delivering a memorable send off to the grand ol’ gal of Poker. Binions is a standing historical monument to pokers past, your recall of times gone by stirs up my thoughts of staying and playing at Binions. I will miss her too.


I am sorry to see that people are letting pieces of Nevada’s history go without doing nothing to save them. Then they complain there is not much historical patrimony left. As a non-Nevadan who loves Nevada, I am extremely distraught by this and other losses.

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