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Carbon Poker in Two Lines

Carbon Poker is the flagship of the Merge Gaming Network.  It was once the largest U.S.-friendly online poker site.  Those days are long gone.

Carbon Poker and the entire Merge Gaming Network have struggled in 2015 to pay players on time.  This caused a mass exodus of players.

A Personal Opinion of Carbon Poker

What I like about Carbon Poker – The software at Carbon Poker is one of the best in the world.  It operates smoothly and rarely crashes.  The server is up nearly 100 percent of the time.  Support is above average.

What I don’t like about Carbon Poker – It takes about three months for Americans to receive a withdrawal by check.  Players only receive one free check per year.  Additional checks have a three percent fee.  Players outside the U.S. tend to wait at least one month for a withdrawal.  There are limited deposit options for players both inside and outside the U.S.

What Players Are Saying About Carbon Poker

Players at Carbon Poker constantly complain about slow cashouts.  These started in February 2015 and have not improved.  Carbon Poker is mostly incommunicado about the topic.  Players are also concerned about the lack of withdrawal options for players outside the U.S.  Some players fear that the entire Merge Gaming Network is in trouble.

Depositing and Withdrawing at Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker only accepts two U.S. deposit methods.  Those are Visa and Western Union.  Most U.S. Visa cards will get declined.  Western Union is an expensive deposit option.  Carbon Poker does not reimburse fees, regardless of the deposit amount.  Players outside the U.S. can deposit via Visa, Skrill and Western Union.

Players in the U.S. have just one withdrawal option.  That is a check.  The maximum check withdrawal is $2,500.  There is a three percent fee for every check withdrawal.  One free check is processed per year.  Checks take about three months to arrive.  A handful of players have Western Union available in amounts up to $1,000.  There is a fee of 10 to 15 percent for these transactions and they arrive in about two weeks.

Players outside the U.S. can only withdraw by bank wire.  The fee is also three percent.  Players receive one free withdrawal per year.  These take about one month to arrive.

Carbon Poker Safety

There is reason to be concerned about the safety of funds at Carbon Poker.  Players report a wait of one month outside the U.S. and three months within it.  These dates were slightly longer in the middle of 2015.  This included players outside the U.S. losing access to ewallets and being forced to withdraw by bank wire.

The sportsbooks tied to Carbon Poker receive very poor grades from review sites.  There are far better options than Carbon Poker, even for U.S. players.

Carbon Poker Promotions

Carbon Poker offers a 100% up to $1,000 first deposit bonus.  This is not a useful offer to most players for multiple reasons.  First, the bonus clears at a rate of $1 for every $20 in rake paid.  Even worse, it only releases in $20 increments.  That means a player must rake $400 to receive $20 in bonus.  It expires after 60 days.  A player depositing $1,000 for this bonus would need to rake $20,000 in two months to clear the entire bonus.  No player is able to do that.

Carbon Poker offers a regular Carbon Online Poker Series that has millions in tournament guarantees.  This series is offered about four times each year.  There are also major tournaments held every Sunday with varying guaranteed prize pools.

There is a bad beat jackpot at Carbon Poker.  It is funded through the regular rake.  No additional amount is taken.  A player must lose four of a kind eights or better to trigger it.  The loser of the hand wins 38%, the winner receives 20.5%, while the rest of the table divides 20.5%.  The other 21% seeds the next bad beat jackpot.

Players that earn two player points each day in a month receive an entry into a $1,000 freeroll.  That event is scheduled on the Saturday of the following month.  Players must opt in to participate in this promotion.  This may be done within the poker software.

Carbon Poker Game Selection

Most of the action at Carbon Poker is No Limit Texas Hold’em.  There are a few tables of fixed limit during peak hours.  Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha High/Low are available at many limits 24 hours a day.  Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud High/Low, Five Card Draw, Razz and mixed games are also available in the software.  Players will find a game or two running from that list most hours of the day.

Carbon Poker offers regular action at sit and gos up to $20 at No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha High/Low.  Higher limit action is often available at No Limit Hold’em 24 hours a day.

There is $55k in weeknight tournament guarantees.  There is more than $200k in guarantees on Sunday.  This includes the $215 Big Ticket Sunday with a $100k guarantee.  All major tournaments at Carbon Poker are No Limit Texas Hold’em.

Carbon Poker FAQ

What network is Carbon Poker on?

Carbon Poker is the flagship of the Merge Gaming Network.

Does Carbon Poker accept U.S. players?

Yes, Carbon Poker accepts players from most states.

Which states are banned at Carbon Poker?

Carbon Poker accepts players from all states except Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Utah and Washington.

How do U.S. players deposit at Carbon Poker?

Carbon Poker accepts Visa and Western Union from U.S. players.  Most American Visa cards will get declined so an international debit card or cash transfer is typically required.

How do players outside the U.S. deposit at Carbon Poker?

Players outside the U.S. may deposit using Visa, Skrill or Western Union.

How do U.S. players withdraw from Carbon Poker?

Americans can withdraw from Carbon Poker via check by mail.  The fee is three percent of the withdrawal.  Players receive one free withdrawal per year.  These take about three months to arrive.  Some VIP players have Western Union available.  These take about two weeks and cap at $1,000.  The fee is 10 to 15 percent of the transaction.

How do players outside the U.S. withdraw from Carbon Poker?

The only way to withdraw from Carbon Poker outside the U.S. is by bank wire.  The fee is three percent of the transaction.  Players receive one free bank wire withdrawal per year.

What is the first deposit at Carbon Poker?

New players receive a 100% up to $1,000 bonus on their first deposit.  The bonus clears at a rate of 5% rakeback and expires after 60 days. It is paid in $20 installments. It takes $20,000 in rake to clear the entire bonus.  Players should not deposit more funds than they need to play with because clearing the entire bonus is nearly impossible.

Does Carbon Poker offer reload bonuses?

Carbon Poker offers a monthly reload bonus.  The amounts are typically between $375 and $500.  The bonus clears at the same rate as the first deposit bonus.

What games are available at Carbon Poker?

Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha High/Low, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud High/Low, Razz, Five Card Draw and mixed games are available at Carbon Poker.

Is there Carbon Poker rakeback?

Carbon Poker eliminated rakeback, even for existing players. Carbon Poker also dropped its VIP program.  There are no player rewards at Carbon Poker.

Where is Carbon Poker licensed?

Carbon Poker is licensed in Antigua.

What other skins are on the Merge Gaming Network?

In addition to Carbon Poker, PlayersOnly, SuperBook and Sportsbook.ag are on the Merge Gaming Network.

Can I mod tables and cards at Carbon Poker?

Yes, the software allows for card and table mods.  There are many included in the software.  Others may be found in third party sites.

Does tracking software work at Carbon Poker?

Yes.  PokerTracker, Hold’em Manager, and Omaha Manager all work at Carbon Poker.

Is there a Mac client at Carbon Poker?

Carbon Poker offers a Mac platform.

How do I contact Carbon Poker support?

Carbon Poker support’s email is support@carbonpoker.ag. There is no phone support.

How many tables can I play at one time at Carbon Poker?

The maximum number of cash game tables Carbon Poker’s software will open at one time is four.