Guide to Online Poker Sites

At PokerNewsDaily our primary aim is to keep our readers up to date with all the latest poker news from around the world. We are also very aware that many of our readers play the game online, or are interested in doing so, and this is why we have provided this comprehensive guide to online poker sites. Deciding where to play poker online is a very important decision, regardless of whether you are completely new to the game or an experienced player, but it can be difficult to know which poker rooms are the best for you.

There is a huge amount to choose from and some will be more suitable for you than others, depending on your own personal circumstances and preferences. We are very familiar with all the major poker sites, and most of the smaller ones too, and we know exactly what these places have to offer. Based on this knowledge we have compiled lists of the very best sites in a number of different categories, in order to help you find the ideal place to play.

Immediately below you will see a table of the overall top ranked poker sites which all come highly recommended. If you are looking to sign up somewhere right now, you can simply click on any one of these and get started. Further down the page you will find details of all the information included in this guide, such as the different categories of poker site that we cover and some useful articles that offer helpful advice.

1. Bovada Poker

2. BetOnline Poker

Poker Sites by Region

One of the key factors that will have an impact on where you decide to play is where you live. This is because poker legislation and regulation can vary greatly from one part of the world to another, and can affect which sites you are able to play at. In some regions, such as the UK for example, players are free to play pretty much wherever they want, while in other regions players are limited to a smaller range of sites. Regardless of exactly where you live it is important to select a site that is suitable for players from your region, so we have ranked the top poker rooms for a number of different regions.

Online Poker in the US

Poker players in the US have a few more difficulties than most, as the legality of playing online poker in this part of the world is something of a confusing subject. Many sites longer accept American players for this reason, although there are still plenty that do – as you will see if you visit our page on the top US poker sites that we have linked to above. It is also worth noting that in recent times several states have taken steps to introduce their own legislation regarding online poker to try and help clarify the legal issues. On the following pages we have provided information on the relevant state legislation, and also listed the best places to play from certain specific states.

Choosing a Real Money Poker Site

Playing online poker for real money is really quite easy – not least because of the number of poker sites around. Although having a lot of choice is largely a good thing, it can be somewhat confusing when trying to decide where to join. The best real money poker sites are very good indeed and you can be confident if you stick to those of a high standard. However, there are also a few sites around that you should really avoid. The difficulty is in knowing which sites are the decent ones, which is why it is important to put a bit of effort into the process of choosing where to play.

Picking a good site will greatly enhance your overall experience and hopefully improve your chances of making some money. However, not every player is the same and the ideal site for one player may not be entirely suitable for another. This is why we don’t just list the best poker websites overall, but also list the top sites in a variety of different categories to help you find the right place to play based on what is important for you. We have also provided some more detailed advice on exactly what you should be taking into account when deciding where to play in our article on How to Choose a Poker Site.

Poker Site Reviews

One easy way for you to compare the different sites and determine which one you think is the best for you is to read some reviews. We have provided detailed reviews of a number of the leading poker rooms and we would suggest that you take a look at these before making a final decision about where to join. They contain useful information covering various aspects of a site such as the quality of the software, the promotions on offer, and the standard of the opposition. Our most read reviews are as follows.

Making Deposits

One important factor in choosing a poker room to play at is the range of deposit methods available, as a good selection means you have plenty of options for getting your funds into your account. Most places offer a number of different ways to deposit, but some sites are more limited so it is worth checking out what is available before actually signing up. We have ranked the best sites for some of the most popular deposit methods on the below pages, and we have also written some advice on depositing to online poker sites.

Poker Site Compatibility

Something else that you may need to consider when deciding where to play is the issue of compatibility. If you have a desktop PC or laptop then you’ll find you can play pretty much everywhere. Mac users used to have a very limited range of options, but these days a lot more sites are Mac compatible. We have ranked the best of these, and have also ranked the best places to play using a mobile device such as a smartphone or table.

Poker Sites By Game

Another factor that you might want to take into account when choosing where to play is the availability of your preferred games. Poker comes in a variety of different formats, and not all of these formats are available at every single site. If you are looking to play a specific game online, then it is obviously very important to sign up somewhere appropriate for that particular game. For this reason, we have also ranked the leading sites for some of the different forms of poker.