New Jersey Poker Sites

To get the most out of playing poker online it is important to choose a good poker site. This might sound simple enough, but there are some challenges involved. You obviously want to be playing at the best and most reputable places but it is not necessarily easy to determine which the good sites are and which should be avoided. If you live in the US then you have the added problem that not all poker websites accept customers from the US, which limits your options somewhat. However, there are plenty of poker rooms that are US friendly so you do still have a decent range to choose from.

As we know how difficult it can be to decide which site to join, we have carried out a great deal of research into a large number of sites with a view to finding out which ones have the most to offer. We have then ranked the top sites in a number of categories, such as which sites are the most suitable depending on where you live.

If you live in New Jersey and are looking for somewhere to play online then you should take a look below we have recommended the best New Jersey poker sites you can join. On this page we have also explained what we believe makes for a good site and provided some details about legislation relating to playing online poker in New Jersey.

Key Attributes of Poker Sites

In order to determine which poker websites we recommend, we take a look at a number of attributes that we feel are particularly important. This helps us decide which sites perform the best and provide a top class experience for players. For example, we look at the range of deposit methods on offer as we believe players should have plenty of options for getting their funds online.

We look at the quality of software, as this has a major impact on the playing experience, along with the variety of games and stakes available. We also take into account the sign up bonus, other promotions, the number of players, and the standard of the customer service.

New Jersey Poker Legislation

Although there has never been a law that actually states it is illegal for a US resident to play poker online, many poker websites stopped accepting US players due to the lack of clarity about the exact legalities for them operating in the region. If regulation is introduced throughout the country, and the situation becomes a lot clearer, then this should change and more places will welcome Americans back to their tables. There have been many calls for this to happen and, although it seems unlikely at a federal level right now, many states have started to take their own action in this regard.

New Jersey became one of the first states in America to legalize online gambling when they introduced relevant legislation in early 2013. This was not really a huge surprise as the state has a long history of gambling and is of course home to Atlantic City; the second most popular gambling destination in the US after Las Vegas. It should lead to a formally regulated market for playing casino and poker games online, which is particularly good news for online poker players who have had something of a limited choice of where to play in recent years.

The relevant bills for this legislation were actually passed in house back in December 2012, but State Governor Christie exercised his power of a conditional veto due to wanting some amendments. A notable change was formally making the legalization of online gaming a 10 year trial period before a decision being made about it continuing. This allows for substantial time to see how things work out. Along with other amendments, including an increase in the rate of tax on gambling operators, the bill was passed in February 2013.

The laws currently only allow for operators to offer games to those within the borders of New Jersey rather than to players all over the country, but with over 8 million residents that is still a potentially sizable player pool. It is quite conceivable that New Jersey poker rooms, like Nevada poker sites, will be able to enter agreements with other states in the future, allowing for players residing elsewhere in the country to play too.

New Jersey Gambling History

New Jersey has a long association with gambling, and historically was more liberal that many other states in this regard. Lotteries in particular were very common, until they were banned in 1844. The state is also home to Freehold Raceway, the oldest horse racing track in the US which has held horseracing events since the 1830s, and Monmouth Park Racetrack which opened in 1870. Despite the popularity of gambling in the state, it was made illegal for a period. First parimutuel betting was banned in 1894, and then all forms of gambling three years later.

Enforcement of the ban was far from strict though, and gambling did continue to take place. Eventually, in 1939, gambling at the racetrack was legalized once again. 1953 saw the introduction of laws allowing non-profit organisations to run bingo games, and in 1959 amusement games were made legal. The New Jersey Lottery was then introduced in 1970, and in 1976 legislation was approved that legalized casinos. They were to be restricted to Atlantic City though, and this led to a significant resurgence in the resort. At that time, the only other state where casino gambling was legal was Nevada and, although Atlantic City has never quite matched Las Vegas it remains a very popular destination for gamblers and poker players.