Australian Poker Sites

Many of the biggest poker sites, along with lots of the smaller ones too, welcome Australians at their poker tables. If you live in Australia and are trying to decide where to play poker online then you are somewhat spoilt for choice. This is very much a good thing of course, but it does also mean that it can be difficult to actually make a decision – particularly if you don’t really know what you should be looking for in a poker room. There are so many options it can be almost overwhelming trying to pick the one that is right for you.

This is where we can help, as we have compiled a list of the best places for Australians to play online poker. We have provided this list below, in ranked order, so if you are looking for somewhere to play right now then you can simply pick one of these and get signed up straight away. If you would like some more information on why we believe these are the best Australian poker sites, then we have also provided some details on how we go about ranking them.

How We Rank Poker Sites

Our process for ranking poker sites is really quite straightforward. We have plenty of experience of online poker and we know exactly what makes for a good poker site – and what doesn’t. We are familiar with most poker sites and by combining our own experiences with some additional research we are able to determine which sites are the best in virtually any category. We look at a wide range of different factors and compare how the sites perform before ranking them accordingly. Some of the factors we take into account are important for any kind of poker site, while others are relevant only to specific categories.

For example, when ranking Australian poker websites the first thing we need to look at is whether Australian players are welcome. Somewhat obviously, we only list those poker rooms that accept players from Australia. More than that though, we look for the places that specifically cater for Australians in terms of things like making deposits. The leading sites will allow you to make deposits in Australian dollars, even if you actually play in US dollars, so that you can avoid currency exchange fees. They also make a wide variety of suitable deposit options available, such as credit cards and the popular e-wallets.

For a site to be truly Australian player friendly, it should also have plenty of cash games and tournaments running at a suitable time of day for this part of the world. There would be little point in joining a poker room that has very few players on the tables at the times you want to play. The top poker websites have players online right around the clock, ensuring that you can find a game whenever you feel like playing.

Many of the other factors we take into consideration during our ranking process are related to the actual playing experience. The standard of the software, for example, is hugely important as it can be horrible playing somewhere that uses outdated software with few, if any, decent features. The variety of games available, the range of stakes offered, the sign up bonus, any loyalty rewards and the quality of the customer service also all affect how we rank a site.

We could go into a lot more detail about everything that we look at and why it is significant, but we have mentioned the most important stuff really. The key point is that we are very careful about which sites we recommend and we put a great deal of effort into ensuring that our rankings are accurate and also up to date. We have complete confidence that the sites we have listed above are genuinely the very best Australian poker sites around.

Online Poker in Australia

Like many countries around the world, Australia has legislation regarding online poker that is a little bit confusing at best. However, the confusion is really based around the legalities of foreign sites accepting wagers from Australian players. The good news is that it is deemed perfectly legal for Australian citizens to play online poker and there are no laws that state otherwise at this time.

Poker players from Australia will also be pleased to know, except in a very few special cases, any winnings made from online poker are not considered a taxable income, regardless of the amount won.