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The Quick Summary

Everest Poker is up and coming in the world of online poker after signing on to replace Party Poker as the primary endorser of the World Series of Poker from 2008 – 2011. It is rapidly gaining in players and looks to keep up with its forthcoming increase in exposure.

Everest is a standalone site with proprietary software. It is the most internationally trafficked of any poker site, available in 16 different languages.

Popularity: 7 of 10 – Very Good

The player traffic of Everest Poker is very good and improving almost every day. It is currently peaking at around 4000 real money players every day and another 10,000 more in active play money games. Since Everest is so international, you are able to find action there at any time of the day with players from England, Australia and Brazil joining in according to their time zones.

Security: 9 of 10 – Excellent

Just about everything that Everest Poker does it does excellently – security is no exception. Everest not only employs a cutting edge transmission security system but a Financial Security team monitors all withdrawals. There is a top flight security team at Everest Poker.

Player Competition: 8 of 10 – Very Good

There is a lot of interesting game play on Everest, and with its impending growth more is sure to come. Again, because Everest has such an international player base, players are able to experience many different regional poker styles. The game are fairly loose especially at the mid to higher stakes limits.  The only reason that this rating is not a 10 is because Everest only offers Hold’em and Omaha, which is not as wide of a verity as some other poke rooms.

Site Software: 7 of 10 – Very Good

The site application at Everest Poker is serviceable and attractive.  The games run smoothly and bug free. Player avatars at the table are decently sculpted and the site offers a solid array of player stats. Hand histories and player notes are readily accessible and easy to use. The software supports up to 8 table play at a time and you can resize them which is a huge plus when multi-tabling.

The table graphics have great quality and players have the ability to choose and customize between different table backgrounds. Players can also activate features such as sound effects, a 4 color deck, and card and chip animations.

The lobby visually very full but is well organized. The tournament filter tabs are large and easily used and there is plenty of information available in the lobby as well.

Customer Support: 7 of 10 – Very Good

While email is the only way to reach Customer Service at Everest Poker, the Customer Service wheels turn relatively quickly. Most responses come within 6 hours and never take longer than a full day. It stands to be mentioned again that, because Everest Poker is available in 16 different languages, it is able to deal with a multitude of different players with great personalized detail. Even though it comes through email – rather than a live chat or by phone – Customer Service at Everest is of good quality.

Company Ethics: 9 of 10 – Excellent

Everest Poker is committed to building an international poker community. Not only does Everest itself support 16 different languages, it helps its players speak them too: players on Everest have the option to say 12 different common poker phrases in any of those 16 languages by using the F1-F12 keys. So a Russian can tell a Spaniard “Nice Hand!” without knowing a word of Spanish.

While the home page is downright ugly to look at, it is also extremely informative and easily navigated. This speaks volumes about Everest’s commitment to providing its players with a safe and informed experience.

Site Promotions: 8 of 10 – Very Good

Right now Everest Poker is offering two different sign up bonuses to PND readers.

With bonus code PND300, you will get a $300 bonus with a 30 day time frame to earn it.  This code must be entered within 7 days of account registration.  The payout is incremental and will be earned on at $1 per 16.67 Summit Points earned. This code must be entered instead of the standard ‘WELCOME’ bonus code in order to get special $300 sign bonus.

The second bonus option is a $500 bonus using bonus code PND500.  The player has 30 days from registration to earn on this bonus.  The payout is a lump sum bonus.  The entire $500 will be released at once to the players account when the they reach 6000 Summit Points.

Overall Review: 7.8 of 10 – Very Good

Everest Poker is amongst the best online poker rooms. The international player base provides round-the-clock action and as long as you’re not looking for Stud or any poker variant other than Hold’em or Omaha then you’ll be pleased with what you find at Everest.

Final Result: We give Everest Poker a final overall score of 7.8 out of 10.

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