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The Quick Summary

Hollywood Poker is a popular skin on the Ongame network, and it’s known as one of the top bonus destinations in online poker.

Established in 2004, Hollywood Poker is endorsed by WPT spokesman and cash game specialist Vince Van Patten as well as actor and famous poker player James Woods.

Popularity: 7 of 10 – Very Good

As a member of the busy Ongame network, Hollywood Poker has very good traffic: peak hours can see more than 8000 real money players and upwards of 30,000 players in total. Hollywood handles thousands of players every day and – due to its strong international contingent – there are rarely any lulls below 2000 real money players.

Security: 8 of 10 – Very Good

Hollywood Poker’s commitment to security is strong. It employs a number of sophisticated encryption programs as well as a financial team watching every withdrawal made. Hollywood Poker also displays all of their security practices discursively on their home page for their members’ peace of mind.

Player Competition: 7 of 10 – Excellent

Due to its high traffic, Hollywood Poker is at the top of the online poker world in terms of player competition: at any hour of any day, players are able to log on and find multiple players of many different skill-levels on many different stakes in many different games. In addition to the standard Omaha and Hold’em options, Hollywood Poker also offers 5 Card Draw, Stud, Stud Hi/Lo and Omaha Hi/Lo. Competition is soft in the lower stakes, with flop view percentages around 40 and 50 up to $5/$10.

Site Software: 6 of 10 – Good

Hollywood Poker is sexy. The basic idea behind Hollywood Poker is, obviously, the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle, which leads to the inclusion of oodles of scantily clad women in the Hollywood Poker homepage and a general feeling of sleek action. The lobby is organized well and while the table graphics are nothing to write home about you can read your cards easily and there are avatars at the table to identify active players.

A very good point about Hollywood Poker is that they offer a no-download java client, ideal for players with Mac computers or those who want to play on the go.

Customer Support: 7 of 10 – Very Good

The Customer Support is very good at Hollywood Poker. It not only features a 24/7 support email but a 24/7 international support hotline as well. Email responses tend to arrive within 12 hours, although from time to time it will take Hollywood Poker longer than a day to respond.

Company Ethics: 8 of 10 – Very Good

Hollywood Poker is not just a skin on the Ongame network – it contains a lot of unique and well-constructed features. From its extensive poker magazine to its piquant aesthetics, Hollywood Poker is clearly trying to do more than cash in on the network that it is on. In the same breath, the ambience can be overdone, especially the overload of sexy imagery. But you have to at least give them points for creating an identity when it could have easily been a shill skin as so many others are.

Site Promotions: 8 of 10 – Excellent

Hollywood Poker excels in the bonus department. In fact, the first thing that you’ll see when you initiate the registration process is a series of 7 different banners for 7 different bonuses, each designed for a different level of stakes and game play. Freerolls, sign up bonuses, reload bonuses – the one and only reason that Hollywood Poker does not score the perfect 10 here is that it does not support any rakeback programs. With that lone notable exception, the promotions on Hollywood Poker are second to none.

Overall Review: 6.8 of 10 – Excellent

Hollywood Poker is a consistent site with jaw dropping bonuses. While the site is far from a graphical marvel, its deep red tables are sleek and functional. There are a lot of skins on the vast Ongame network – Hollywood Poker is the one to play on.

Final Result: We give Hollywood Poker a final overall score of 6.8 out of 10.

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