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The Quick Summary

Unibet Poker has been a good addition to the Microgaming Network; the room is backed by an extremely successful online casino/sportsbook and 23 different languages are offered here, which really gives the room an international flavor!

Those who play at Unibet really appreciate the generous Poker Club promotions that the room uses to entice new players to their already growing online venue.

Popularity: 7 of 10 – Good

Despite being associated with such a large gambling operation in Unibet, the company’s poker room has yet to reach its full potential in terms of cash games. This isn’t to say that Unibet Poker is barren though, because people can typically find over 400 – 500 tables operating at once during peak hours.

The tournament player collection is much more significant and the room will sometimes feature as many as 10,000 players at one time.

Security: 8 of 10 – Excellent

Unibet doesn’t expect you to believe them when they say that their room and employees are entirely honest. That’s why they’ve spent the time and money to employ an independent auditor – Price Waterhouse Coopers – to provide reassurance that no fraudulent activities occur at the poker room and that people’s private information is not being illegally accessed.

Player Competition: 8 of 10 – Excellent

Although the Unibet sportsbook and casino don’t quite bring the cash game traffic one would hope for, they do bring plenty of weak competition into the mix. Many regard Unibet Poker to have the softest competition on the entire Microgaming Network; this makes it a very attractive place to play.

Site Software: 7 of 10 – Very Good

A trip to the Unibet website will give people a glimpse of what they can expect from the look of the poker software – well-designed and somewhat flashy. Besides a good design, people will also appreciate how the Microgaming software is easily navigated through as well.

The table options are pretty plentiful since players can take notes, access hand history, check out statistics, and even play the game straight from their Internet browser.

Customer Support: 7 of 10 – Good

Like other rooms out there, Unibet Poker boasts of their 24/7 customer support: fax, phone support, and e-mail are the three methods that players can use to contact Unibet. Unfortunately, they do lose some points for not having the ever popular live chat option as a means of support.

Company Ethics: 9 of 10 – Very Good

Besides employing an independent auditor to watch over their activities, Unibet Poker also ensures that they will do everything possible to prevent cheating – namely colluding – from ever occurring at their room. In order to accomplish this feat, Unibet uses Microgaming’s state-of-the-art Collusion Detection Software which tracks any and all suspicious play.

Site Promotions: 7 of 10 – Good

The Poker Club program has been a player favorite ever since it started at Unibet. In this promotion, players are awarded VIP Points which they can then use to buy into freerolls or purchase stuff at the Poker Club Store. The higher a person’s VIP status, the more they will get from the Poker Club program.

Despite the success of the Poker Club, the other promotions are a bit lacking since Unibet rounds out the promos with run-of-the-mill offerings such as the Bad Beat Jackpot and freerolls.

Overall Review: 6.9 of 10 – Good

Unibet really looks like a poker room that will keep growing over the next few years. Hopefully its potential growth will spur more promotions besides just the Poker Club, which is definitely a step in the right direction.

Luckily there’s enough fish to keep those that currently play at Unibet happy and this makes the need for a variety of promotions less pressing.

Final Result: We give Unibet a final overall score of 6.9 out of 10

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