$10/$20 Limit Hold’em Strategy with CardRunners is presented exclusively in this video, made by instructor Bryce Paradis. Here’s the video’s official teaser on the site:

Replayer: LHE Bryce Released 09.29.2010

Seriously – The Bryce needs his own radio show – he’s just so darn entertaining to listen to. This week, he collaborates with Nick Abourisk to replay $10/$20 LHE hands, discuss opponents ranges, when to cap, and how to react to ranges.

Here is some of the discussion from the video’s thread on CardRunners from instructor Bryce “The Bryce” Paradis:

In 6-max the biggest ‘normal’ things I try and pay attention to are what hands people peel with on different board textures, people’s 3-betting range, and how often people barrel off a bluff against a c/c c/c c/? line.

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