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Karina Jett was born August 16, 1974 in Saigon, Vietnam, but moved to Las Vegas, Nevada as a child. Her mother was a Seven-Card Stud player who taught her the ins and outs of the game as she neared age 21. Although she showed flashes of unusual potential for poker success, she moved away from home to study Political Science at college and never really considered poker as a career option. However, not long after leaving for college, Karina’s mother asked her to return home to help her run the family business, and just like that she was back in Vegas.

After a few months in her old stomping grounds, Karina ran into some former poker friends and soon found herself in the casino a few times a week. Before long, she realized she had a special talent for the game and decided to play full time to support her family. Initially a Stud player like her mother, Karina eventually switched to No Limit Hold’em as it became more popular. In addition being a profitable switch, the move to Hold’em also introduced her to her husband, Full Tilt Poker Pro Chip Jett.

Within the poker community, Jett is most known for her appearance on GSN’s Poker Royale Battle of the Sexes. In the 2005 London Open, Karina and Chip recorded a historical finish, becoming the first husband and wife to make the same televised final table. Her other notable cashes include fourths in two World Series of Poker events: 2003’s Ladies Stud and 2004’s Ladies Limit Hold’em. All told, her live tournament earnings exceed $140K.

When she is not co-authoring a column in Card Player with Chip in which they answer reader questions in a ‘He said/She Said’ format, Karina Jett can be found playing at the Full Tilt Poker tables where she is a sponsored pro.

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