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Young poker star Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh is the embodiment of the multi-talented, multi-tasking internet generation: a successful poker player, she is also famous for posing for Playboy, has a reputation as a hacker and a high ranking as a World of Warcraft player, and is releasing a clothing line. On top of all of these achievements, Jennifer Leigh has just signed a deal with Iron Duke Poker.

Jennifer Leigh was born in Wilmington, Delaware in 1983, in what she called a “little tiny state.” She started gaming with her father at a very young age, and was very active on IRC from a very young age – this is where she chose her nickname of “Jennicide.” Her start in poker came through her gaming activities: “I was introduced to poker from a former computer hacking group I belonged to. I was just a little girl. When I started IRC, I was only 11. I’m not playing at World Series of Poker right now, but I have campaign managers there.” It is said that her start in poker was propitiated by Robert Boyd, brother of the notorious Russ “Dutch” Boyd.

The multi-talented Jennifer Leigh has one weakness – she is unable to decide where to apply her talents, which has led to her varied career to date but may have less positive effects in the longer run. She declared on a recent interview, “It’s always been a “trend” for me. Everything carries me in different directions. When I was young I wanted to be an attorney, then a fashion designer. I never said growing up, “I want to be a gambler!” I don’t know if that will still be my primary thing. I do love the game of poker, but it doesn’t always love me. Right now I’m trying to launch a clothing line, Jayel Brand.”

According to her website, once Jennicide decided to get into poker she lost no time: she claims she read six poker books in a week and started studying online hand histories. Within a year, Jennicide had become the top ranking female tournament player at Poker Stars, and as a result she was invited into GSN’s Poker Royale: Battle of the Ages, where she managed to finish 5th and to beat seasoned pros such as Dan Harrington. The $16,000 paycheck was helpful to get her into the highest online stakes ($100/$200) at the age of 21. She already has one WSOP cash and 2 WPT cashes, and her tournament winnings exceed $60,000 in live play and $100,000 on online tourneys.

Talented, attractive, and famous on and off the felt, Iron Duke Poker could have done much worse for a spokesperson. We look forward to see what comes out of Iron Duke and Jennifer Leigh ‘s collaboration.

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