In Wednesday’s episode of the G4 online poker reality show “2 Months, $2 Million,” a fundraiser held by the training site Deuces Cracked took center stage and featured attendees battling in the age-old game Connect Four.

The show opened at a restaurant, where cast member Emil Patel, a vegetarian, ordered a vast assortment of food for breakfast, including pancakes, macaroni and cheese, sliced apples, pizza, berries, and a fruit smoothie. Patel was like a kid in a candy store selecting items off the menu, while Jay Rosenkrantz described the upcoming fundraiser sponsored by his website, Deuces Cracked. The gala, featuring the kids’ game Connect Four, would benefit the Lili Claire Foundation, which helps those suffering from “Williams Syndrome and similar disabilities,” according to its website.

Patel was appropriately tasked with devising a menu, while Brian Roberts was faced with the challenge of producing a rap to be performed on site. He told “2 Months, $2 Million” cameras, “I don’t know about rappers from Vegas and that’s a bad sign.” Dani Stern, meanwhile, was asked to attract a harem of women to the event. Stern ultimately sought the aid of Andrew “luckychewy” Lichtenberger, who participated in the “House Wars” episode several weeks ago.

The quartet was up $141,000 entering Week 7, still miles away from its stated goal of $2 million. As an added incentive, the “2 Months, $2 Million” personality with the best financial showing during Week 7 would take home a $5,000 watch courtesy of the other three players. Roberts sought revenge against luckexpress10, who banked $104,000 at his expense on the September 17th episode. Roberts flopped a set in Omaha to go up $7,500 against luckexpress10. His foe then made a well-timed laydown on a 9-A-6-A board when Roberts held A-J for trips. Still, Roberts was up $25,000 for the session.

Stern and Lichtenberger headed to the Hard Rock pool to recruit women for the Connect Four fundraiser. Stern quipped, “Chewy has made millions of dollars playing online poker, but his real skill is with the ladies.” However, the duo came up empty-handed at the pool and instead headed to Sapphire, a gentlemen’s club, to meet with their Las Vegas concierge. Finally, Stern and Lichtenberger convinced “Alicia,” a self-proclaimed Connect Four fan, to attend the fundraiser.

The charity gala took place at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip. Patel claimed he was 7-0 in Connect Four matches during it and then made “Connect Five” against Rosenkrantz.  Stern and Alicia then played and their match was followed by a live performance of the rap. Roberts’ production was stellar, as Stern noted, “I’ll be honest, I was shocked at how good the rap was.” At the end of the night, over $20,000 was raised for the Lili Claire Foundation from the $400 buy-in event.

When the totals for the week were calculated, Rosenkrantz was down $44,000, Patel had lost $19,000, Roberts was up $46,500, and Stern had earned $11,000. Roberts ultimately claimed the watch, although the team was still down $5,500 on the week. After seven weeks of “2 Months, $2 Million,” the cast is just $135,600 in the black. The G4 franchise actually lasts 10 weeks, meaning the team must average nearly $625,000 in profit in each of the next three episodes in order to achieve their goal.

For the ceremonial Penalty Stunt, Rosenkrantz had to roller stake from Fremont Street to the world-famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign donning a tight pair of shorts and tied-up checkered shirt while being tailed by the rest of the gang in an SUV.

Next week, Rosenkrantz plays the highest stakes games of the season in an effort to achieve the $2 million goal. The show airs on Wednesday nights at 8:00pm ET on G4.

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