The European Poker Tour (EPT) Prague Main Event is down to its final six players and in a bit of a surprise development, it is Gab Yong Kim who enters Wednesday as the chip leader. With 9.565 million chips, he holds a solid lead over Andrea Cortellazzi, who has 7.930 million, but up and down the leaderboard, everybody still has a chance at the €1,033,520 first prize.

Kim had one of the smallest stacks entering Day 5, holding just 1.295 million chips. A few players had under a million, but of those above that mark, Kim was the shortest. Compare that to Teun Mulder, who led the way with 8.195 million.

Even going into the unofficial nine-handed final table, Kim was had the third-smallest stack with 2.145 million chips, whereas Mulder had just shy of 14 million. Heck, nobody else had more than 4.300 million, so it certainly looked like the tournament was Mulder’s for the taking.

But funny things happen in a poker tournament. Players kept chipping away at Mulder’s stack until Grzegorz Glowny doubled through him to take Mulder down to 7.540 million. Still in great shape, but brought back to the pack. Shortly thereafter, he had lost the chip lead. Kim, in the meantime, hadn’t even cracked 3 million yet.

Down to seven players, Kim was back under 2 million and at the bottom of the standings, while Mulder had fallen to 5.585 million and the middle of the pack. Kim soon doubled through Symeon Alexandridis to build his chips up to almost 4 million and then took another big pot from Alexandridis to jump to 6.160 million chips and second place.

Mulder kept losing chips and then, just like that, he was out at the hands of Kim. Mulder raised pre-flop to 250,000, Kim moved all-in, and Mulder quickly called. And no wonder. He had Queens, up against Kim’s A-K. The flop was K-8-6, putting Kim in the lead with a pair of Kings. The 2 on the turn was no help and an Ace on the river only made Kim’s hand even better. Mulder went from an overwhelming chip leader to out in a matter of hours, while Kim went from worst to leading the final table.

2022 EPT Prague Main Event – Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Gab Yong Kim – 9,565,000
  2. Andrea Cortellazzi – 7,930,000
  3. Grzegorz Glowny – 5,040,000
  4. Demetrio Caminita – 4,720,000
  5. Symeon Alexandridis – 4,655,000
  6. Armin Rezaei – 3,765,000

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