The final table of the World Poker Tour (WPT) Rolling Thunder Main Event is set and, like yesterday, it is Yunkyu Song sitting pretty as the chip leader.

And boy, is he sitting pretty. Song has 13.525 million chips going into the six-handed final table. The other five players have 9.375 million…COMBINED. Heck, only two players have as many chips at the end of Day 3 as Song had at the beginning of Day 3. Look, poker is poker and there is a reason for the phrase “a chip and a chair,” but if Song doesn’t ship this thing, it would be shocking.

Of course, as soon as I say that, watch him double someone up a couple times to make things interesting.

Despite going into Monday as the chip leader and ending as the prohibitive favorite, Song didn’t just run over the field all day. In fact, it wasn’t until 13 players remained that his chip count skyrocketed. His tournament life was actually at risk when he flopped a boat against Mitchell Halverson and doubled-up to 2.700 million chips.

From there, Song climbed, eliminating Andrew Ostapchenko in 12th place and Soheb Porbandarwala in 11th place to reach 5.215 million chips. He let others do the dirty work on the next few eliminations, all while continuing to accumulate chips. Even when he doubled up Casey Sandretto with eight players remaining, Song still had over 9 million chips.

Once he knocked out Halverson in 7th place, the official television final table was set and Song was looking far, far down on the rest of the field. He will aiming for his first WPT title and the largest cash of his live tournament career. As it stands, everyone is now guaranteed at least $60,000, which would be Song’s third-largest cash if he was somehow the first player eliminated at the final table.

Michael Kinney, who sits in a distant second going into Tuesday’s action, is the only player at the final table with a WPT victory.

The plan for Tuesday is to begin the WPT Rolling Thunder Final Table at 11:00am PT. The World Poker Tour’s live stream will begin a half hour later.

2024 World Poker Tour Rolling Thunder Main Event – Final Table Chip Leaders

  1. Yunkyu Song – 13,525,000
  2. Michael Kinney – 2,375,000
  3. Cody Wiegmann – 2,175,000
  4. Casey Sandretto – 2,000,000
  5. Travis Egbert – 1,750,000
  6. Brock Wilson – 1,075,000

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