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On Saturday, the seventh season of “High Stakes Poker” continued on GSN. The series, which features host Norm Macdonald and sideline reporter Kara Scott, was filmed at the famed Bellagio in Las Vegas. New episodes air on Saturdays at 8:00pm ET and 11:00pm ET, exclusively on GSN.

DoylesRoom front man Doyle Brunson’s play was erratic from the start. On a board of A-K-5-10-J with four hearts, the action went check-check and Brunson, holding the six of hearts and an ace, told the table he just had a pair of aces. Then, after flipping his cards up, realized he actually had a flush and scooped the pot courtesy of Treasure Island Las Vegas owner Phil Ruffin, who held A-K.

Then, Brunson looked down at only the ace of hearts and raised to $4,000. PokerStars pro Vanessa Selbst 3bet to $11,000 with Q-9 of diamonds and Brunson decided it was time to see what his mystery hole card was. He looked down at the seven of hearts and made the call to bring an action flop of J-10-K with two hearts. Brunson checked his nut flush draw and gutshot straight draw and Selbst bet $18,200 with a king-high straight. Brunson shoved all-in for $191,000 and Selbst called, setting up a $406,000 pot.

The turn and river were run twice. Brunson hit a heart on the first turn to leave Selbst drawing dead to the river for half of the pot. The second turn and river were the five of clubs and nine of clubs, respectively, awarding the other half of the pot to Selbst for a chop.

Silly Bandz creator Robert Croak then bet $6,500 on a flop of A-J-K with A-J for top and bottom pair. Ruffin made the call with Q-10 for the nuts and the turn was an eight. Then, the fireworks went off. Croak pushed out $11,000 and Ruffin raised to $50,000. Croak 3bet all-in for $121,900 and Ruffin called, putting his opponent at risk.

A $268,000 pot, the second largest of Saturday’s one-hour episode, was up for grabs and the river was run one time. The final card was a seven and Croak bid his tablemates farewell. The seat remained empty for several hands before Andrew “good2cu” Robl joined the party.

This week, the PokerStars-sponsored segment “High Stakes Legends” featured a look at Stu Ungar, the only player ever to win three World Series of Poker Main Event titles. PokerStars serves as the title sponsor of “High Stakes Poker.”

In the final pot of the night, Ruffin called pre-flop with K-9 and retired businessman Bill Klein came along with A-Q. David “Viffer” Peat called with Q-5 and Brunson threw his chips in with 8-6. Selbst checked her option with A-6 and the flop came 6-6-Q. Despite two players hitting trips and two players holding top pair, the action was checked around to a four on the turn.

Brunson ceased laying low and bet $4,000 with trips and Selbst, who had him out-kicked, called. Klein, holding top pair, top kicker, came along and the river was a king. Brunson bet $15,000, Selbst popped it to $52,000, Klein got out of the way, and Brunson quickly flashed his six and folded.

Macdonald heralded Brunson for his decisive laydown, telling “High Stakes Poker” viewers, “The speed of that laydown shows you why Doyle Brunson has been revered for 50 years.” The credits then rolled on the third episode of Season 7.

Catch all of the action on Saturday at 8:00pm ET and 11:00pm ET on GSN.

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