Poker News Daily: How did you get into poker?

Annette Obrestad: I used to play a lot of ten pin bowling when I was 10 and I was watching a bowling program on television and they had a banner in the background for a poker site. I checked it out because I thought, “Poker? Sounds like fun.” So I went on and started playing online sit and gos.

PND: Was it a slow climb through the sit and gos?

Annette: Yes. I started playing freerolls and won $9. Then, I started playing one dollar sit and gos grinding it out.

PND: What live players do you respect?

Annette: I don’t really have a lot of respect for anyone, to be honest. I mean Phil Hellmuth is good. People say that he’s not good, but he is. He makes mistakes, but he knows what he’s doing. Greg Raymer has played really well when I’ve played with him. [Team PokerStars member] Vicky Coren is better than people think she is. It’s really hard to mention names.

PND: Have you seen horrible play from any live players?

Annette: Many. I probably shouldn’t even mention them. People always tell me to be nice to the live players because they might read about it and might not want to be your fan anymore.

PND: How has poker changed your life?

Annette: I’m traveling a lot now. And I have money.

PND: What’s the worst part of being recognized?

Annette: Not getting any respect at the table. I can’t pull off any big bluffs pretty much ever. I can’t raise in late position without getting shoved on. It’s nice, though, because I’ll get paid off on a good hand.

PND: What’s your least favorite interview question?

Annette: How did you get started? Everyone asks that. And maybe about the 180-man sit and go that I played blind [and won]. Those are the two questions that are in every interview I do.

PND: What do you like to do for fun outside of poker?

Annette: I like to hang out with my friends and chill and watch a movie.

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