August 25th – Daily Deal

Poker Video

Today’s Daily Deal comes form The Bicycle Casino, the home of the World Poker Tour’s Legends of Poker event where the final table is being taped today. Our topics today include the PokerStars Big Game television show, Holland (otherwise known as The Netherlands) potentially legalizing online poker and Jungleman12 being the next participant in the DurrrrChallenge.

PokerStars Big Game has some amazing things going on this week. New cast this week and some big pots between Phil Hellmuth and Prahlad Friedman and between Eugene Katchalov and Dani Stern. There’s a huge pot between Hellmuth and Stern where Stern held pocket Kings and Hellmuth had pocket Queens. Fireworks during that hand to say the least. The PokerStars Big Game airs nightly on Fox and is PokerStars’ answer to GSN’s “High Stakes Poker”.

Holland Online Poker Legalization might be right around the corner. The story from Gaming Intelligence says the country’s Ministry of Justice created a special group called the Online Gaming Advisory Committee to look into the potential for expanding their current online gaming laws to include poker. The nation currently operates a state-run monopoly on online gaming, offering only sports betting and a national lottery through state-authorized sites. The findings from the Online Gaming Advisory Committee could affect the laws as they are currently written and enforced in the country.

Out last bit of news has to do with the Durrrr Challenge and the next competitor in Jungleman12. JungleMan12 says he shipped $500,000 to Phil Ivey for escrow, which is the amount of money he has to put up for the challenge in order to participate. Unlike the ongoing challenge between Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan which has stretched for nearly two years, this challenge might just take a couple of weeks. There hasn’t been any action at the tables yet but we are expecting this new leg of the Durrrr Challenge to pick up potentially next week.

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