August 2nd – Daily Deal

Topics: WPT Announcer Promotion, FTOPS XVII Stars Up and the Durrrr Challenge resumes.

On today’s Daily Deal, the World Poker Tour is searching for a new on-air personality, FTOPS seventeen kicks off, and the Durrrr Challenge returns.

Hello, I’m Sean Gibson and welcome to the Daily Deal by Poker News Daily.
The World Poker Tour is searching for the Simon Cowell of cards. If you’re brash, opinionated, and want to be on TV, then head to and apply. The Tour is introducing a new “Raw Deal” segment for its Season Nine broadcasts and poker fans age twenty-one and up are eligible to try out to be its host. There are two ways to enter. First, aspiring poker commentators can head to the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles on August nineteenth from 11 am until 8pm. There, WPT producers will conduct interviews.

If going to the Bike isn’t in the cards, make your way online to the WPT’s website and watch a hand between Phil Hellmuth and Andy Seth that took place at the Bay 101 Shooting Star event in March. Provide editorial commentary on the hand, which ends with Hellmuth in the fetal position, and we may be seeing you on WPT broadcasts. Videos will be accepted until August 15th.

On Wednesday, the 17th Full Tilt Online Poker Series, or FTOPS, will kick off on Full Tilt Poker. A total of thirty-four events will be held, culminating in a six-hundred forty dollar buy-in tournament on August 15th. The FTOPS Seventeen Main Event offers up a three-million dollar guaranteed prize pool. The action gets underway with Event one with a two-hundred sixteen dollar No Limit Hold’em event with a seven-hundred fifty thousand dollar guarantee.

By the way, if you’re a fan of Rush Poker, then you’re sure to love the FTOPS Seventeen schedule, which features six Rush tournaments.

Finally, after a three-month hiatus, Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius returned to the Durrrr Challenge tables on Full Tilt. In a two-hundred eighty hand session that played out in the pre-dawn hours on Sunday August first, Antonius cut into Dwan’s lead by nearly two-hundred fifty thousand dollars. It sounds like a lot but Dwan still leads the Challenge by a one-point-six million dollar margin and the duo has 10,000 hands left to play before a winner is determined.

Visit our sister site,, for recaps and analysis of the ongoing battle between Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius.

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