When you were a kid, did you check for monsters under your bed before you went to sleep? Did you check for monsters ON the bed? No? Well, consider yourself lucky if you have gotten this far in life without being attacked by a creature in your sleep, as this is exactly what happened to one unfortunate guest at the Venetian the day after this past Christmas.

Michael Farchi told 8NewsNow that he was sleeping in his hotel room at the Las Vegas resort when he was jarred awake by an intense pain…down there.

“I just felt like somebody stabbing me in my private area,” said Farchi. “It felt like a sharp glass or a knife.”

He went over to the bathroom to try to figure what in the world was going on when he saw it. A bright orange scorpion was hanging from his underwear.


Farchi and his family checked out on December 27, a day earlier than planned, as one might do when stung in the nethers by a desert beast. Double lock the door, put your valuables in the safe, but don’t worry, there are no scorpions in your sheets. Couldn’t happen. At least the Venetian comped his room.

The incident report Farchi filed with the Venetian is straight to the point. At 8:00am, in his bed in the suite, Farchi said he was “bitten by scorpion at my groin/testicles.”

And in answering the question, “What, if any, injuries did you sustain?” he simply wrote, “a lot of pain.”

“Everybody was in shock, nobody believed,” Farchi said. “Even I couldn’t believe it.”

Farchi told 8NewsNow that he is considering legal action against the property, citing continued trauma from the incident in addition to the actual injury (though, fortunately, it sounds like he is ok physically).

His attorney, Brian Virag, said that while he is sure that the Venetian has policies and procedures in place to make sure guest rooms are clean and safe, the bigger issue is whether or not those procedures are actually followed by staff.

The Venetian told the news outlet that all protocols were, in fact, adhered to in this case.

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