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The popular poker training site CardRunners was recently re-launched and now includes a bevy of new features. In addition, the site has welcomed 25 new guest pros to the team specializing in a wide range of poker genres.

Among the new features is a revamped video player. Text found on CardRunners’ all-new website explains the logic behind the video player’s appearance: “The player was designed to be functional for learning, while also aesthetically pleasing.” You can now place a time stamp on a video for easy reference and discussion notes are available in order to facilitate further analysis by coaches and fellow players.

Also available are personal notes, which CardRunners explains as follows: “Personal notes mark spots in videos for notes about concepts or reminders related to the topic. Personal notes cannot be viewed by other members or instructors. Like discussion notes, they can be referred back to at later times.”

The video viewer boasts a widescreen format so that a pair of tables can be housed side by side. Users can watch the educational videos in full screen and pop-out modes. A dozen videos have been added to the CardRunners library since May 1st, including “Million Dollar Bankrolls” by rumored Durrrr Challenge competitor Brian “Sbrugby” Townsend, “Live Sessions: PLO” by mindcirkus, and the latest installment of “Brain Fail” by JimmyLegs.

Also brand new is the “Shoves” area of the site. The most popular pieces of content from CardRunners can be found here and you’re able to filter by category, media type, and date range. Among the most popular items at the time of writing are “Hitler Reacts to Cole South Leaving CardRunners” and “Working on a Book for the Micros.” The former has 16 user comments and links to a video on

Users of the new CardRunners website can also create playlists of their favorite videos and show them off to their friends through a special sharing feature. The site’s homepage includes a “Quick Hits” section off to the right that displays the latest news from the training outfit.

Many of the comments from users on the new site seem to center on video viewing. One commenter posted, “Have not been able to watch even one video, either by download or by streaming. Streaming always cuts off and download always gets an error sometime in the video. Just upgraded my WMPlayer and installed a new codec pack and no help. In short, completely unable to watch videos.” Others called for even more features to be added: “The absence of ‘last viewed date’ and ‘stakes’ from the video list is a serious omission. Please add these features and, if possible, retrieve the ‘last viewed’ information from the old website.”

Recently added to CardRunners are hand history tools, which went live on May 2nd. Users can upload hand histories from PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, PartyPoker, and their Holdem Manager database directly into CardRunners. Then, the hands can be replayed on the site and marked with comments. If more analysis is needed, CardRunners allows you to export hands for use on major online poker forums.

New pros have also joined CardRunners, changing the landscape of its video content. Jungleman 12, Rask, JBaller88, NxtWrldChamp, Matthew Janda, D_Zoo, Pokey, Ed Miller, SplitSuit, Matt Matros, and Cottonseed will lend their insight on No Limit Hold’em. LearnedfromTV and mindcirkus will take on the role of new Pot Limit Omaha instructors, while Predator006, Shabamabam, and Campfirewest will provide expertise on Omaha High-Low.

New Limit Hold’em pros include BallzDeepx, Tpirahna, The Bryce, and Doughnutz, while PrimordialAA, pzhon, sippin_criss, and Collin Moshman will break down sit and go strategy. Finally, ChipsAhoya and Doctor Razz will teach Stud and Razz.

The site boasts a membership fee of $30 per month along with a $100 sign-up fee, although purchasing subscriptions for six or 12 months can result in a discount. Truly Free Poker Training is a free way for people to become members of CardRunners without paying the sign-up fee just for playing at Full Tilt Poker. Subscriptions are earned in weekly increments and members receive one week of access for every 1,375 points they earn. The points are not deducted from players’ Full Tilt accounts and don’t impact MGR. Visit CardRunners for more information.

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