When he passed away in September, the family of Mike Sexton, the late Poker Hall of Famer and former announcer of the World Poker Tour, encouraged people to make memorial donations to his charitable group Poker Gives. Carrying on with that good will, there will be a “Mike Sexton Tribute Auction” will begin at midnight on Sunday and run for two weeks. Up for auction, provided by his family, will be many pieces of memorabilia that was once owned by Sexton, compiled from all the years of his exciting life.

WPT, WSOP Memories Can Be Had

Beginning at midnight, 80 pieces from Sexton’s private memorabilia collection will be auctioned off. Many of the pieces have a “buy immediately” price, meaning that if someone wanted to buy the piece outright for a price, they can. Some of these items celebrate Sexton’s days at his alma mater, THE Ohio State University.

As OSU was one thing that he was passionate about, Sexton had several items that highlight that love of his school. But another piece might be even more impressive: the uniform blouse that Sexton wore as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division from 1970 to 1973. The uniform is complete with Sexton’s name plate above the right pocket and the paratrooper wings that he earned as a member of the 82nd.

It is natural that there would be plenty of poker memorabilia amongst the auction items. Most important to some would be the celebratory collage of Sexton’s victory on the World Poker Tour in Montreal from 2016. Another piece from a decade earlier, celebrating his victory over Daniel Negreanu in the World Series of Poker’s Tournament of Champions, is also a part of the collection.

There are several other special photos that can’t be found elsewhere. The original cast of the WPT broadcasts, Vince Van Patten, Shana Hiatt and Sexton, is gathered for one photo together. Various photos with poker legends Chip Reese and Doyle Brunson also are a part of the auction lot. Probably the most impressive of these types of offerings is a photo of a gathering of Sexton, Reese, Brunson, Lyle Berman and Bobby Baldwin following the first broadcast of the WPT on the Travel Channel from 2003.

An Auction Befitting “The Ambassador of Poker”

The auction not only has items that are one of a kind, they also are befitting a gentleman who always tried to do the best for the world of poker. One of the founders of Poker Gives, the proceeds from the auction will benefit that organization. Poker Gives honors and supports military troops and their families, provides support for those less fortunate in Las Vegas and looks to get involved in programs which benefit the community.

Unfortunately, the auction comes about because of the passing of the poker legend Sexton. Sexton would keep his personal battle with prostate cancer secret from many in the poker community for years, but it eventually became too much for him. The cancer spread to his other organs and, after entering hospice care, succumbed to the disease on September 6.

Sexton’s life was full of highlights, including a bracelet win at the WSOP and a title on the WPT. But what many remember him for was his constant promotion of the game of poker (earning him the “Ambassador of Poker” moniker) both live and online. He was the color announcer for the WPT for much of its existence, leaving the broadcast booth in 2017. Some might remember him for his work with PartyPoker, bringing it to life in 2001 and returning to the Chairman’s position in 2017. But Sexton always promoted the game of poker and the excitement of the game.

The auction will begin at midnight on Sunday and last until October 26. Bids will be received beginning at 3AM on Monday morning.

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