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Brand new to the world of poker literature is “No Limits: The Fundamentals of No Limit Hold’em” by Chris “Fox” Wallace and Adam Stemple. The 250-page book is broken down into 16 chapters, including lessons on knowing your opponents, bet sizing, the importance of position, common mistakes, and bluffing strategy.

Wallace, an instructor at the popular poker training site, told Poker News Daily that the book’s development began about five years ago. He employed software like Poker Stove in order to compile the basics for “No Limits” and ultimately ended up with about 80,000 words. He then pulled in Stemple in order to organize the text.

“No Limits” is geared towards $1/$2 No Limit cash game players, but Wallace explained that the concepts contained within it can be translated into tournaments as well: “It’s pointed towards cash games, and all of the hand examples are for cash games, but a lot of these concepts are very important for tournament poker. A lot of tournament players will get useful information out of the book. We weren’t gearing it towards specific games; we were trying to teach people how to think. When you teach people the concepts, they learn to analyze the game for themselves.”

Wallace’s experience as a poker coach at PokerXFactor will undoubtedly translate to the pages of “No Limits,” which retails for $34.95. He explained, “People know I can teach and play. A lot of poker authors are good players, but not good teachers. Since I’ve been teaching for so long, I understand how people learn and that was a big help.” You can purchase Wallace’s book online using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Mathematical scenarios like bluffing are explained with both algebraic equations and simple fractions, allowing players of all backgrounds to be able to grasp the concepts presented. Wallace noted, “That’s why I went with the idea for a concepts book because the systems and games sides have been done. Learning how to think for yourself so you can adapt to any situation hasn’t been done before.”

Among those who have submitted testimonials are poker authors Lou Krieger and Alan Schoonmaker. The former touted, “For the beginner and experienced player alike, it’s all you wanted to know about how to beat online and casino No Limit Hold’em cash games, but were afraid to ask.” Schoonmaker trumpeted “No Limits” by saying, “If you want to think like a winning No Limit player, this book will help you immensely.”

Wallace was elated to have the backing of Krieger and Schoonmaker, whose library of books includes “Hold’em Excellence” and “The Psychology of Poker.” Wallace told Poker News Daily, “Those are two of the most prolific poker writers out there. Schoonmaker is a really smart guy and for him to say that was big. Also, when Lou says that the book presents ideas in a clear and concise way, that’s a huge compliment.”

Despite the seemingly complex nature of the book, Wallace asserted that it is ideal for beginners to the game: “Everyone will learn from it because the concepts are there. A beginner will definitely learn something from it because we geared it towards $1/$2 No Limit cash game players. There are also some very good players who have never encountered these concepts.”

Here is the full Table of Contents for “No Limits: The Fundamentals of No Limit Hold’em” by Wallace and Stemple:

Preface: How to Use This Book
Chapter 1. Pre-Flop Play
Chapter 2. How Does It Play?
Chapter 3. Knowing Your Opponents
Chapter 4. Bet-Size: The Key to No Limit Holdem
Chapter 5. The Importance of Position
Chapter 6. The Flop, Turn, and River
Chapter 7. Bluffing Strategy and Tips
Chapter 8. Hand Reading
Chapter 9. Bankroll Management
Chapter 10. Short-Handed Play
Chapter 11. Tilt and the Psychological Side of Things
Chapter 12. Keys to Online Play
Chapter 13. Common Mistakes
Chapter 14. Why the Donkey is Whipping You
Chapter 15. More Sample Hands
Chapter 16. Final Words
Appendix A: Continued Study
Appendix B: Should You Go Pro?
Appendix C: I Want to Play Like That Guy

Sample hands and quizzes are sprinkled throughout the book as well. Visit for full details.

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