It isn’t like he’s got something else going on right now, but it seems that Doug Polk is looking for a new challenge. Amid his mano y mano battle with Daniel Negreanu, Polk has been either entertaining his Twitter followers or perhaps setting up his next challenger. Those players? None other than the legend Doyle Brunson and businessman/poker player Bill Perkins, who has put a great deal of action on Negreanu in the current Heads-Up Duel.

Is Polk Feeling Froggy?

First up on Monday was Perkins, who had previously caused a small delay in the Negreanu/Polk battle. On Twitter, Polk tossed down the gauntlet at Perkins’ feet, stating “@bp22 (Perkins’ Twitter handle) has been really in the mix with his opinions on this challenge. Maybe it’s time for him to step in the ring? 25K hands, $200/$400?”

Perkins didn’t exactly turn down the offer, but he did state that there were some issues that needed to be worked out. Polk kicked up the stakes a bit more, Tweeting, “I know how much you like to get laid some odds. How about $500K to $1 odds?”

That’s right…Polk set the odds of him against Perkins at an unfathomable number. If Perkins were able to beat him, he would pay Perkins $500,000. If Polk was the winner of the matchup, then Perkins would only have to pay $1. At this time…Perkins hasn’t responded.

Another Voice Enters the Mix…

If it weren’t enough to challenge Perkins, Polk then decided to go after The Godfather of Poker. Brunson, to be honest, has been open on Twitter that he didn’t know why Negreanu agreed to an online match against Polk, as Polk only used to be one of the most feared online heads up players in the history of internet poker. “I still like the “old” way of playing poker,” Doyle wrote. “Face to face, ante up and deal. Poker is still played by people.”

That was enough to get Polk going. He challenged Brunson to a live heads up “unlimited Texas Hold’em” match, but Brunson didn’t take the bait. “No, but I would welcome the chance to play you some razz. Simple game. Few other games also.”

Now Polk was ready for bear. Polk proposed a three-game rotation, No Limit Hold’em and two choices from Brunson, with the caveat that Polk would get some time to “read the rules of Badacey or Pot Limit Pineapple or whatever else we are playing.” Brunson responded, completely tossing out No Limit Hold’em from the mix but open to a Limit rotation.

The final act at this point has been that Polk has proposed an eight-game mixed event:

Limit Hold’em
No Limit Hold’em
Pot Limit Omaha
Omaha Hi/Lo Eight or Better
Triple Draw
Stud Hi/Lo Eight or Better

That would seem to be a rotation of games completely in the arsenal of Brunson. As of today, he has not responded to Polk’s new challenge, so stay tuned.

With the dearth of tournament poker at this point (the major tournament circuits, such as the World Poker Tour, the European Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker (somewhat, depending on how you feel about the hybrid event), perhaps these heads up matches are what is necessary to keep the buzz in poker. It would certainly be a big deal if Doyle Brunson deems it necessary to come back to the tables against Polk, and even Perkins versus Polk could be intriguing. Right now, it is still just Negreanu and Polk entertaining the poker masses, but more could be in store soon.

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