Daniel Geeng went into the 2023 PokerGO Tour PLO Series II with just five lifetime live tournament cashes on his resume. He nearly doubled that in a week and a half, cashing four times, winning the final event, and being crowned the PGT PLO Series II champion.

If there was someone who was going to come out of nowhere and win the whole thing, though, it was Geeng. All five of his live cashes – three on the European Poker Tour and one at the World Series of Poker – were in Pot-Limit Omaha, so clearly this tournament series was made for him.

His cashes in PLO Series II

Event #2: $7,600 PLO Bounty – 11th place — $22,350
Event #3: $10,000 PLO – 14th place — $20,600
Event #4: $15,100 PLO Progressive Bounty – 2nd place — $172,710 + $148,000 in bounties
Event #9: $25,200 PLO Championship – 1st place — $487,500

Joao Simao went into the PLO Championship event on top of the series leaderboard with 341 points, but he didn’t cash, so he was stuck at that point total. Benjamin Juhasz overtook him with a fifth place finish to end up with 365 leaderboard points, but Eelis Parssinen and Geeng could still leapfrog him.

Parssinen bowed out in fourth place, ending up just 16 points shy of Juhasz, but Geeng’s victory gave him 293 for the tournament and 481 total, allowing him to come from outside the top ten to earn the PGT PLO Series II title.

Geeng began Monday’s action as the chip leader, holding nearly 30% of the chip in play. By the time the seven-handed final table started, he and Harsheel Kothari had about 60% of the chips. Down to five, Geeng eliminated Juhasz with a set of Kings against a straight draw, beginning his end-game domination.

Paressinen flopped a pair and the nut flush draw, but Geeng turned two pair to get things down to three-handed. He more than 80% of the chips at one point, but his two opponents did bring him down a couple notches.

Veselin Karakitukov took on Geeng heads-up, but only lasted three hands. On the final hand, both players flopped sets, but Geeng had Kings to Karakitukov’s Deuces. They got all their chips in and that was that.

PGT PLO Series II Event #9 – Final Table Results

  1. Daniel Geeng – $487,500
  2. Veselin Karakitukov – $337,500
  3. Harsheel Kothari – $243,750
  4. Eelis Parssinen – $187,500
  5. Benjamin Juhasz – $150,000
  6. Mark Berente – $112,500
  7. John Riordan – $93,750

Image credit: PokerGO.com

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