I recently saw Bruce Springsteen tell a story on the Graham Norton Show about how on his off day in St. Louis during a concert tour, a young fan invited him back to his house to meet his parents. The Boss took him up on the offer, they had a nice, relaxing night, and whenever he went back to St. Louis, he hung out with them. Now maybe Daniel Negreanu isn’t quite a the all-time legend level as Bruce Springsteen, but for teenage poker fans, he might just be.

Sunday evening, Negreanu posted message and a poll on Twitter, saying that when he was out walking his dog, a young guy approached him and asked if he’d stop by his home poker game that night. It was he and his friends’ last home game before they all went off to college. Negreanu asked his followers if he should go, but of course he had already made up his mind, as why else would he even post the Twitter poll? And naturally, 90% of respondents said he should make the kids’ night.

About an hour and a half later, Negreanu replied to one of the young men, “Ok boys, hang tight and I’ll be there after dinner 9pm.”

Negreanu videoed his arrival, as nine teenagers, most nattily dressed, were over the moon to see him walk in the door. Like Poker Santa, Negreanu plopped down a box full of GGPoker swag for the group.

The Poker Hall of Famer said he was impressed with the boys, who listened to classical music during the poker game (wait…this is UNDERAGE GAMBLING!). He was extremely over-bankrolled for the $0.25/$0.50 game, whipping out a $100 bill, a wise intimidation tactic.

He videoed some of proceedings, including his final hand of the night in which he went all-in with A-K. His young opponent looked pained as he agonized over the decision as to whether or not he should call, but his friends goaded him into it, as they very well should have. The kid’s T-7 was no match for Negreanu’s hand.

Though Negreanu finished ahead on the night, he gave them a chance to win back their money. He left his money behind and, informing the Twitter crowd, “I told them to put $5 in each pot until it’s all gone.”

Considering many people are happy to lose $10,000 just for the experience of playing in the World Series of Poker Main Event, I’m sure none of the boys are too upset about losing a few bucks to their poker idol.

Image credit: PokerGO.com

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