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Dan “djk123” Kelly solidified his bid to become a member of the DoylesRoom Brunson 10 by taking down the $25,000 No Limit Hold’em Six-Max event at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Among those rooting him on at the final table was Doyle Brunson, the namesake of the popular USA-friendly site. Brunson sat down with Poker News Daily to share his thoughts on Kelly’s bracelet run and update us on his health following dental surgery.

Poker News Daily: Thanks for joining us. Tell us what this year’s WSOP has been like compared to past years.

Doyle Brunson: It’s been a nightmare for me. I haven’t done well at all. I think I played eight events, made the second day six times, and never cashed. That’s the ultimate torture because the hard part of these tournaments is getting through the first day, which I accomplished, and then I would just go card dead. The second and third days in these tournaments are fun. It’s the old cliché, “Wait until next year.”

PND: Talk about why you’re here railing Dan Kelly at the Six-Max final table.

Doyle Brunson: It’s all to do with the Brunson 10. We’re trying to get the 10 best young players we can find. We’ve had a long, long list of kids wanting to be members of the Brunson 10 and so we took the four most promising candidates and had a race here at the World Series of Poker. The one that did the best would become a member of the Brunson 10.

We have some amazing young players and Daniel’s one of them. He looks like a 14 year old kid, but he’s a nice boy. We take that into consideration too – what kind of person they are – and try to get high-caliber guys to start with. Daniel is obviously a nice kid.

PND: A few months ago, you underwent extensive dental surgery. Tell us how you’re feeling now.

Doyle Brunson: That’s what’s bugging me. I have seven implants that are driving me crazy. I thought it was going to be a four or five-month procedure and it’s already been eight months. I have two or three more months to let my gums heal. That’s a big procedure. I didn’t realize it, but it’s like you get on a merry-go-round and can’t get off.

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