Dwan Takes $221,000 Pot off Negreau on High Stakes Poker

Sunday night saw Tom “durrrr” Dwan once again take center stage on GSN’s High Stakes Poker. This time, he took down a $221,000 pot against Team PokerStars Pro member Daniel Negreanu. Next week, a new group of eight players takes to the felts.

Several hands into Sunday’s episode, Antonio Esfandiari peeked down at pocket nines and called the big blind of $800. Patrik Antonius, who had already posted the big blind due to missing several hands, made it $4,800 with A-J of clubs and Esfandiari called. The flop came A-6-10 with two clubs, giving Antonius top pair and a flush draw to boot. Esfandiari checked, Antonius fired out a bet of $7,000, and Esfandiari called. The turn was the five of hearts and Esfandiari once again check-called a bet from Antonius, this time of $19,000. High Stakes Poker Host Gabe Kaplan noted, “Antonio is kind of stumped.” The river was the ace of spades, improving Antonius to trips. Esfandiari checked and Antonius bet $41,000, inducing a fold and scooping the $105,800 pot.

Dwan and Negreanu squared off in a hand that served as an omen of things to come. Dwan made it $3,000 pre-flop with K-Q and Negreanu made the call with A-6. The flop came A-9-J and Negreanu check-called a $5,700 bet from Dwan. The turn was a queen, pairing Dwan and meaning the youngster would need to catch a K, Q, or 10 on the river in order to win the hand. Negreanu bet $11,000 and Dwan called. The river came a 10, giving Dwan a straight. Negreanu checked, Dwan bet $28,800, and Negreanu folded. Dwan raked in the $70,200 pot, prompting Kaplan to comment, “Dwan has played excellent on High Stakes Poker, but he’s also gotten lucky.”

Dwan showcased his skills again. This time, Phil Laak called the $800 big blind with J-10 of hearts and Dwan, who held pocket eights, bumped the action to $4,000. Laak called and the flop came 6-9-6 with two hearts. Laak checked, Dwan bet $6,300, Laak raised to $21,300, and Dwan called. On the action on the flop, Kaplan explained, “It’s very possible in Tom Dwan’s mind that Phil Laak is slow-playing an overpair.” The turn was a six, giving Dwan a boat. Laak checked and Dwan asked for a count before also checking. The river was the eight of hearts, giving Laak a flush, but also improving Dwan’s full house. Laak checked and Dwan bet a scant $9,400 into a pot of over $60,000. Laak asked to see both of Dwan’s cards if he folded and Dwan agreed. Then, “The Unabomber” flashed one of his cards, prompting Dwan to inquire if the hand was dead. Laak eventually called, shipping the $72,200 pot to Dwan.

The very next hand featured Negreanu against Laak. Pre-flop, Negreanu, who held K-J, made it $2,500, Laak called with 8-5 of spades, and 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Joe Hachem called with pocket fours. The flop came K-5-8. Hachem checked, Negreanu bet $6,500 with top pair, Laak called with bottom two, and Hachem got out of the way. The turn was a nine. Negreanu checked, Laak bet $18,500, and Negreanu raised to $43,500. Kaplan explained, “I think Daniel Negreanu decided to check-raise here because he feels Phil might be steaming from the last hand.” Laak made the call to see a deuce fall on the river. Negreanu checked, Laak bet $54,200 immediately, and Negreanu folded. The pot was worth $163,700.

In the largest pot of the episode, Laak called the big blind with K-Q, Howard Lederer called with pocket sixes, Dwan bet $5,400 with A-Q, Negreanu called with A-8 of hearts, and the table called around. The flop came Q-A-2, giving Dwan top two pair. The action checked to Dwan, who bet $14,300; Negreanu called with top pair and Laak and Lederer both folded. The turn came a deuce. Negreanu checked, Dwan bet $34,600, and Negreanu raised to $84,600. On Negreanu check-raising an opponent for the second straight hand, Kaplan commented, “If Dwan had anything but the kind of hand he has, it would be a good play by Daniel.” Dwan called to see the river come a four. The action went check-check, giving the $221,400 pot to Dwan.

Next week, a new heat of players will take to the High Stakes Poker felts. It includes Doyle Brunson, David Peat, Dario Minieri, Eli Elezra, and two holdovers from the current group of eight: Dwan and Laak. New episodes of High Stakes Poker air at 9:00pm ET on Sundays on GSN.

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