In Event #10 of the 2022 U. S. Poker Open, the $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha tournament, Dylan Weisman continued to demonstrate his Omaha Hold’em prowess. Weisman would be responsible for every knockout at the final table, eventually taking out Cary Katz to win the latest title on the USPO schedule. Along with that championship, Weisman pocketed a sweet $416,500 and a valuable 414 points towards the overall championship in the event.

Riding the Chip Lead to the Title

Weisman came to the final table of the PLO event on top of the leaderboard with 2.48 million in chips to his credit. That was nearly two times the chips that Katz held (1.3 million) as the final table of six men began. Katz had his own issues, however, as Matthew Wantman was close with his 1.215 million stack. Rounding out the final table and looking for help were Stephen Chidwick (900K), Ali Imsirovic (885K) and the short stack of Isaac Kempton (570K).

Weisman did not waste any time in getting to work on Saturday. Kempton had to make a move to get viable in the tournament and he chose to run up against Weisman. Kempton had pocket Aces to go to war with, but Weisman had Lady Luck on his side as he finagled a flush out of his four-card assortment to take the hand and knock out Kempton. Soon after the dust settled from Kempton’s departure, Weisman would do the same to Chidwick.

Down to four handed, Weisman continued to run roughshod over the table. Wantman was the next victim for Weisman, and it came in a particularly interesting hand. Wantman got his chips in while holding a Q-J-10-7 against Weisman’s Q-9-6-3. The Q-7-2 flop caught both men, but it put Wantman in the lead with his two pair (Queens and sevens). The case Queen on the turn improved Wantman to a full house, but a nine would cruelly yank the hand from Wantman and give it to Weisman with “Orca” (a better boat).

After Weisman eliminated Imsirovic in third place, he went to heads up against Katz with the contest surprisingly close. After eliminating four opponents, Weisman only held a 4.935 million to 2.415 million lead over Katz. But the blinds were beginning to eat into both men’s stacks and the end came quickly.

On the final hand, Weisman would limp with an A-8-5-5 and Katz checked his Q-J-3-3. A J-5-2 flop kept Weisman in the lead with his middle set, but Katz check-called a bet for 80K with his top pair. A Queen came on the turn to improve Katz to a still-inferior two pair, but Katz did not know this. He would check-raise Weisman this time for his stack and Katz saw the unwelcome news. Needing a Queen or Jack on the river to make his own “Orca,” Katz instead saw an Ace on the river to end his tournament in second place and crown Weisman the champion.

1. Dylan Weisman, $416,500
2. Cary Katz, $269,500
3. Ali Imsirovic, $183,750
4. Matthew Wantman, $134,750
5. Stephen Chidwick, $98,000
6. Isaac Kempton, $73,500

Weisman is the “King of Omaha” after his performance at this year’s USPO. He finished fifth in Event #2, the $10K PLO tournament, fifth in the $10K Big Bet Mix tournament, and sixth in Event #6, the $15K PLO, before capturing the gold in Event #10. It also has given Weisman key points toward the overall USPO title.

Nakamura Still in Overall Lead as Weisman Cracks Top 10

Weisman’s victory in Event #10 puts his name in the mix for the overall title. Although there are no more Omaha events for him to ravage, he does have one more shot (Event #11’s final table is being played today) in the $50,000 USPO Main Event, which begins on Sunday. He has plenty of work to do, however, if he is going to ascend any further.

1. Tamon Nakamura, 538 points
2. Alex Foxen, 488
3. Chino Rheem, 481
4. Phil Hellmuth, 464
5. Erik Seidel, 428
6. Dylan Weisman, 414
7. Adam Hendrix, 356
8. Shannon Shorr, 340
9. Jeremy Ausmus, 333
10. Ren Lin, 292

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