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Poker News Daily: Describe how you got started in poker.

Ng: I took a job as a dealer in an underground poker club in Toronto. That’s how I learned to play. I didn’t really start playing until a year later. I wanted to do some research and read some books to get experience before I started investing my money.

PND: How do you continue to improve your game despite being in it for so long?

Ng: I take some time off in between tournaments, so I have that time in between to contemplate how I’ve been playing and the mistakes that I can fix. By the time the next tournament comes around, I’m amped up and ready to play.

PND: What area of your game have you been focusing on improving?

Ng: Some of the mistakes that I’ve made in the past include calling off too many times, so I’m trying to make a laydown every once in a while. I play so much Limit Hold’em that I think I’m used to paying people off all of the time.

PND: How did you become involved with Bodog and what makes the site so appealing to you?

Ng: I was really lucky. I had a sponsorship with another company. When my contract was coming up for renewal, I wasn’t sure that it was the right fit. I decided to leave PokerStars and Bodog came up with an offer. I was thrilled about it. David Williams, who is my best friend, is with Bodog and I couldn’t be happier. The company is very hip and they have a very youthful mentality. They do so much besides poker. They have a sports book and a music company.

PND: What advice do you have for new poker players just getting started?

Ng: Read as much as you can. Information is always good. It can’t hurt to pick up a book. Also, stay within your means.

PND: What’s it like being a top female player in a male-dominated sport?

Ng: I think it’s definitely an advantage to be a female in the poker world. Sometimes, guys don’t give us credit and it’s good for a woman to be able to take advantage of that.

PND: Whose game do you respect the most and why?

Ng: Daniel Negreanu has been a huge influence on my poker game. He’s been my friend and mentor. Throughout my poker career, he has really helped me. In the beginning, he wouldn’t necessarily teach me strategy, but he taught me the lessons that I needed in order to become a professional poker player and have that professional attitude.

PND: Can you tell us about Daniel Negreanu’s demeanor away from the poker table? Does he have the same animated personality?

Ng: Daniel is always entertaining. He makes jokes and does impressions. He’s a great guy.

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