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As the iPoker Network’s self-imposed network split looms imminent, the makeup of the network continues to change. The latest move: the long-independent Everest Poker has decided to join up with iPoker, a shift that should help both the network and the poker room.

Everest Poker is not an irrelevant online poker room, but it is not exactly at the forefront of the industry, either. At one point, it looked as if Everest would make a challenge to become one of the major players in online poker. It was moving up the charts, making a go of it as a loner like PokerStars and PartyPoker, and was doing a nice job. It had a solid amount of respect amongst poker players and had affiliates on its side. Everest made a big move a few years ago, positioning itself as one of the major sponsors of the 2008 and 2009 World Series of Poker, its logo appearing on every table in the festival.

Unfortunately, Everest’s star has faded. According to PokerScout.com, EverestPoker.com is the 23rd largest online poker competitor in the industry, with a seven day average of 570 cash game players. Its French site, EverestPoker.fr, is actually doing better, sitting in 15th with a seven day average of 650 cash game players.

This actually makes it a great match for Playtech’s iPoker Network. The main network is the largest online poker network in the world with 2,800 cash games players per weeks, behind only solo room PokerStars.com in PokerScout’s rankings. Thus, EverestPoker.com will see its traffic jump significantly. At the same time, iPoker.fr is virtually dead, so the influx of players from EverestPoker.fr will help put it back on the map.

This comes just days before the iPoker Network is to split into two. In an attempt to get its member poker rooms to attract profitable customers, the network will move a select few of its skins to form an upper tier, or “iPoker 2,” while the rest will have to remain on the old network and hope to meet the requirements for inclusion. Those requirements: have a minimum of 6,000 active players per month as well as add least 850 new players per month, each of whom must contribute at least $5 in rake or tournament fees. Other factors, such as deposit to cashout ratios, will also be evaluated.

Originally, the intent was for all tables on iPoker 2 to house all players from the included skins. That has since been reconsidered and now players will only be segregated at No-Limit Hold’em cash game tables up to $2/$4 and some Sit-and-Go tables. Every member poker room, no matter the tier, will share multi-table tournaments.

According to a Poker770.com representative on Two Plus Two, Titan Poker, Poker770, William Hill, Bet365, and Paddy Power Poker will be the founding members of iPoker 2 when it is launched September 1st.

Last week, eGaming Review reported that Titan Poker and fellow iPoker skin CelebPoker were merging ahead of the split. Two rooms, Pokerhuis and Gutshot Poker, were leaving the network rather than adhere to the new rules.

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