We are only weeks away from the start of the 2024 World Series of Poker. The crème of the poker world, degenerate gamblers, and ambitious amateurs are all lining up to take their shots at earning poker’s greatest honor – the gold bracelet signifying a WSOP tournament winner – but what are they doing to prepare for “summer camp” in Las Vegas? Poker professional Faraz Jaka, who is one of those who has taken home a WSOP bracelet, offered some thoughts on the subject in a Facebook post to his followers.

Four-Step Process to Success

“The WSOP kicks off in less than three weeks,” Jaka observed on Saturday, “and if you haven’t planned your trip, here are four last-minute tips to make your stay easier.”

Some may think that Jaka is offering sage advice on when to get to the Horseshoe or Paris Las Vegas, or how to play certain situations at the table, but he really talks about everything AWAY from the table. “First, get your poker player rate,” Jaka says. “Call up hotels with card rooms or DM (direct message) their poker handles…and let them know you are in town to play poker. They will often get you a room at a much cheaper poker player rate.” Jaka also notes that, with this declaration, it might be expected that you play a certain amount on the property.

“Second, book a place with a kitchen,” Jaka declares. “This allows you to meal prep ahead of your tournaments, which can make a big difference in your routine.” It is a move that will allow you to “save time, money, and mental stress,” Jaka believes.

“(With a kitchen), plan your meals ahead of time,” Jaka instructs. “Make it a priority to go grocery shopping the first day you get there and outline a meal plan during the Series.” In offering this tip, Jaka admits, “I notice if I leave it for later, I end up not doing it…fly in a day earlier (if you have to)…having healthy food ready for a week full of tournaments is a huge stress reliever.”

His final tip is one more for your mental state during your stay at the WSOP. “Make time for family and non-player friends,” Jaka offers. “Make sure you plan to accommodate some quality time with them…but make sure you plan your off days well; you do not want your “late night” out to interfere with a big tournament starting the next day!”

Jaka’s Success Speaks for Itself

From following these hard-earned lessons, Jaka has become one of the best players in the world. Throughout his WSOP career, Jaka has accumulated 39 cashes and made six final tables. In 2023, he would earn that precious WSOP bracelet in outlasting a Shootout field to pick up a $237,367 payday.

Outside of the WSOP, Jaka hasn’t exactly lacked for success either. In 2012, he finished third in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event, scoring $755,000 for that tournament, and totaling 176 worldwide tournament finishes. In his career, Jaka has racked up over $7.3 million in tournament earnings, currently in the Top 250 in poker history.

Unfortunately, Jaka doesn’t step to the felt much anymore. He has an extensive list of side interests from businesses he has created, putting his business degree from the University of Illinois to effective use. But Jaka is not to be trifled with at the tables; if you find yourself across the felt from Faraz Jaka at the 2024 WSOP, you would be well advised to follow some of his suggestions for success.

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