Grzegorz Glowny won the 2022 European Poker Tour (EPT) Prague Main Event Wednesday, earning €692,252 in the process. It was his biggest career cash and his first major tournament title. In fact, it was only his second record live tournament cash, the other coming in one of the side events at EPT Prague, where he finished 72nd for €4,790. So pretty nice week for him, I’d say.

Glowny, who qualified for the tournament via a €530 satellite, began the final table third in chips with 5,040,000. He was behind Gab Yong Kim, who had 9,565,000, and Andrea Cortellazz, who had 7,930,000.

For a little while, Glowny hovered around his same starting stack, chipping up a bit, but then he made a huge move to take the lead. He raised to 325,000 pre-flop with A-K of diamonds and Kim called with A-J off-suit. Armin Rezaei shoved for nearly 5 million with A-Q of hearts. Glowny called and Kim folded. Neither player got any help from the community cards and Rezaei was out in sixth place, while Glowny’s stack rocketed up to 11.190 million.

A short time later, Glowny knocked out Demetrio Caminita in fifth place, red 5s against 8-6 of diamonds, to move up to 13.690 million. Later, Kim grabbed the lead back from Glowny and during a break, the four remaining players discussed a deal. Glowny was the lone holdout, so action continued. At the time, it seemed like a bad move, as Glowny started losing big pots and saw his stack fall to nearly 5 million.

Right before the next break, he chipped back up to 9.300 million, good for the second spot behind Kim, who had 11.500 million. It was then that all four players agreed to a deal: €622,610 for Kim, €581,456 for Glowny, €579,420 for Cortellazzi, and €497,278 for Symeon Alexandridis. They left €110,796 on the table for the winner.

After the deal, it was Cortellazzi that made moves, suddenly pulling away from the pack, eliminating Kim, and building his stack to 20.880 million chips, well more than the other two players combined.

Glowny, in the meantime, was up and down, fluctuating between second and third place. After creeping just ahead of Alexandridis, the two men got all their chips in pre-flop, Glowny with A-8 and Alexandridis with A-9. Glowny hit an 8 on the turn to eliminate his opponent and go into heads-up against Cortellazzi behind by about 3 million chips.

The lead changed hands a couple times before Glowny scored a gigantic double up to jump to over 30 million chips and leave Cortellazzi in terrible shape. A few minutes later, Cortellazzi put his final 4 million in the pot pre-flop with 8-4 of clubs and Glowny called with K-Q of clubs, taking away Cortellazzi’s chances of a winning straight. Glowny hit a King on the turn to ice it, rendering the 4 on the river meaningless and it was all over.

2022 EPT Prague Main Event – Final Table Results

  1. Grzegorz Glowny – €692,252*
  2. Andrea Cortellazzi – €579,420*
  3. Symeon Alexandridis – €497,278*
  4. Gab Yong Kim – €622,610*
  5. Demetrio Caminita – €245,870
  6. Armin Rezaei – €181,800
    (* indicates price money after four-way deal)

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