The third and final $10,000 tournament on the schedule for the 2022 PokerGO Cup concluded on Saturday night. Over one of the tougher final tables seen at the festival to this date, Jake Daniels was able to emerge as the champion of the event. In the overall race for the PokerGO Cup, Sean Perry has been able to take over the top slot in the standings as the schedule moves into the larger buy-in events.

Daniels Works Hard to Get to Title

Coming to the final table of Event #3 in the PokerGO Studios in Las Vegas, Daniels had his work cut out for him if he were to win the title. Sitting fourth in chips with only 1.15 million, Daniels had to look up at such powerhouses as chip leader Daniel Weinand (3.16 million), Jeremy Ausmus (2.645 million) and Chris Moorman (1.545 million). The only players that Daniels had an edge on were Sean Winter (1.07 million) and an extremely short stacked Brock Wilson (425,000).

Demanding work, however, was something that Daniels has gotten used to. “I’ve hired a couple of coaches and I’ve put in a ton of work in the last five or six months trying to get better because these guys are so stinking good,” Daniels said after the tournament was over. “I had a nice deep run in Florida for a WPT a couple of weeks ago, made a final table there. I love the competition.”

The 80-entry field in Event #3 provided that competition and, this time, Daniels completed the deal and with a flair for the dramatic. He would eliminate every competitor that was left in the tournament, with a double knockout of Moorman and Winter serving as the highlight of the tournament. With both Moorman (A-Q) and Winter (A-5) all in and Daniels (A-K) holding scant few chips, Daniels was able to dodge the mines and see his Big Slick stand up, eliminating two tough competitors and rocketing Daniels into the lead.

It was all but over after that point. Although Daniels, Weinand and Ausmus would play for a bit, once Daniels eliminated Weinand in third place, Daniels went to heads up against Ausmus with a monstrous chip advantage (9.5525 million to 475,000). Ausmus would double up twice, but a third time was not the charm in this case as Ausmus’ A-J was run down by Daniels’ J-2 when a deuce hit the flop, crowning Daniels the champion.

1. Jake Daniels, $200,000
2. Jeremy Ausmus, $144,000
3. Daniel Weinand, $96,000
4. Chris Moorman, $80,000
5. Sean Winter, $64,000
6. Brock Wilson, $48,000

Sean Perry Holds Overall Lead After Three Events

After the three $10,000 events of the 2022 PokerGO Cup schedule, Sean Perry has emerged as the overall leader in the Race for the Cup. Perry, who added to his victory in Event #2 with a ninth-place finish in Event #3, has accumulated 232 points to seize the top slot on the leaderboard. He has plenty of talented competition behind him, in particular the winners of the other two $10K events that have already concluded.

1. Sean Perry, 232 points
2. Daniel Colpoys, 200 (earns edge with $200 winnings differential)
3. Jake Daniels, 200
4. Scott Ball, 174
5. Cary Katz, 167
6. Darren Elias, 164
7. Andrew Lichtenberger, 146
8. Jeremy Ausmus, 144
9. Bryn Kenney, 96
(tie) Daniel Weinand

There are seven events left on the 2022 PokerGO Cup schedule. Event #4, the $15,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament, will conclude later on Sunday and Event #5, a $25,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament, will begin its action. On Monday, a second $25K tournament will begin, with the $50,000 tournament on Tuesday and the $100,000 Main Event starting on Wednesday closing out the 2022 PokerGO Cup.

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