At the halfway point of the 2022 PokerGO Cup, Jeremy Ausmus has taken the top spot on the series leaderboard after winning Event #4: $15,000 No-Limit Hold’em. For his victory over the 65-entry field, Ausmus tacked on $263,250 to his live earnings total to take him over the $11 million mark.

The tournament was a two-day affair, with action halting on Day 1 with just six players remaining. Ausmus was just fifth in chips at the time, but the bottom four were all bunched and had large enough stacks to pose a threat to the chip leaders, so nobody was at all out of it.

Ausmus made a massive move early when he was all-in with pocket Tens against the Aces of Jess Lonis and the Jacks of Justin Saliba. Ausmus hit his set, tripled-up, eliminated Lonis in sixth place, and took the chip lead. Not a bad hand.

When Ausmus busted Cary Katz (no relation, but I wish – I’d have some great “investment” opportunities for him) in third, he went into heads-up play against Brock Wilson facing about a 2-to-1 chip deficit. Thanks to reading a big bluff and catching Wilson with his hand in the cookie jar, Ausmus was able to take the lead.

On the final hand, Ausmus shoved for 1.350 million with Q-3 and was called by Wilson and his A-4. Wilson had the lead in the hand, but Ausmus had two live cards. The turn brought a Queen and that was all Ausmus need to knock out Wilson and win the tournament.

With the victory, as mentioned, Jeremy Ausmus moved into the lead on the 2022 PokerGO Cup leaderboard. He had just finished second in the previous event; those two top-two runs have given him 407 points, well ahead of Cary Katz, who has 294 (Uncle Cary, call me).

Ausmus will have to keep battling to keep control of the number one rung, as there are still four more events remaining in the 2022 PokerGO Cup. The buy-ins are continuing to climb, so expect the fields to shrink. Assuming these same high roller keep competing in each event, there are plenty of hurdles Ausmus still must jump to finish with the most points.

Up next: one of multiple $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em events.

2022 PokerGO Cup Event #4: $15,000 No-Limit Hold’em – Final Table Results

  1. Jeremy Ausmus – $263,250
  2. Brock Wilson – $195,000
  3. Cary Katz – $126,750
  4. Bill Klein – $97,500
  5. Justin Saliba – $78,000
  6. Jesse Lonis – $58,500

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