July 30th – Daily Deal

Topics: HR 2267, statement from Alfonse D’Amato, bwin/PartyGaming merger and Vegas Casinos headed to the auction block.

Coming up on the Daily Deal, we’ll continue the discussion about the house committee passing HR 2267, get a statement from the PPA’s Alfonse D’Amato, find out which two poker superpowers are merging, and find out which vegas casinos are headed for the auction block.

Hello, I’m Sean Gibson and welcome to the Daily Deal by Poker News Daily. We start once again with news out of Washington, as the victory celebration continues for poker. Thanks to the work of Barney Frank and the Poker Players Alliance, progress was made with the committee passing of HR 2267. It might just be a first step in a long journey to get online poker legalized in the United States, but at this point many are very encouraged with the progress. The bill is now heading to the House of Representatives for a majority vote. Alfonse D’Amato, chairman of the PPA said,

“Congress has a choice — it can license and regulate it to provide government oversight and consumer protections, or our lawmakers can stick their heads in the sand, ignore it, and leave consumers to play on non-U.S. regulated websites in all 50 states. I’m glad the Financial Services Committee today overwhelmingly chose to act and protect Americans as well as preserve the fundamental freedoms of adults and the Internet.”

Big news out of Europe as a long rumored merger in the online gaming industry was revealed when Austrian based BWIN and Gibraltar based PartyGaming announced their merger. The pact is expected to be completed by the first quarter of two thousand eleven and will create the largest publically traded online gaming conglomerate in the industry. According to Gaming Intelligence, the two companies combined to earn six hundred and eight two million euros in 2009. The merger does have some roadblocks left to clear, one of which is approval of seventy five percent of each company’s stock holders. Stock prices of both companies saw sharp increases in value once the announcement was made.

News out of Vegas tells us after months of legal troubles, Station Casinos filed papers indicating that it has reached a settlement with a group to keep the company afloat and out of bankruptcy. Some of the properties include the Red Rock Resort and Boulder and Palace Station. Another eleven of Station’s properties are going to go up for auction next week.

Well that does it for today’s edition of The Daily deal and we thank you for tuning in. Be sure to follow us at twitter dot come slash poker news daily and come back to our site for the latest poker news and interviews. I’m sean Gibson wishing you a fantastic poker weekend!

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