June 14th – Daily Deal

Topics: WSOP Updates, Shaun Deeb’s statement and more.

On today’s Daily Deal, we bring you the latest developments from the World Series of Poker and Shaun Deeb releases a video statement about his participation in the Ladies Event.

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Six bracelets were handed out over the weekend at the 2010 World Series of Poker. November Niner Eric Buchman won his first bracelet in the $2,000 Limit Hold’em tournament. David “Bakes” Baker, who final tabled the $50,000 buy-in Player’s Championship, continued his hot streak by winning the No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven Draw Lowball championship. John “Tex” Barch, who made the final table of the two thousand five Main Event, won a PLO Bracelet, his first. The Brits continue to have a strong showing as English player Richard Ashby came on top of the $1,500 seven-card stud event. Finally, the eccentric Dutch Boyd seems to have found his stride again, winning his second career bracelet in six-handed Hold’em on Sunday night.

But the event that was in everyone’s minds and tweets was the controversial ladies event. French player Vanessa Hellbuyck won the bracelet, but there was a big controversy surrounding several male players who entered the event. Shaun Deeb, who went as far as to play in drag, issued a video statement regarding his participation in this event. Here are some highlights. (CLIPS)

Comments on the video were less then complementary on YouTube where the video was posted. User icemonkey9 wrote:

“The fact that you are painting yourself as a victim here is an absolute joke. You mocked the ladies in the event with your attire and crashed their party. If you are so against gender events why didn’t you issue this statement BEFORE making your entrance into the event? The fact is that you humiliated yourself and caused a negativity during an event that is supposed to make a discriminated segment of our industry feel welcome. I wholeheartedly support suspensions for you and the others.”

User Zerbet wrote: “Shooting an angle to play in the event as some kind of “protest” or political statement is ludicrous, and only demonstrates your utter lack of political savvy and a typical punk’s lack of moral/ethical foundation. It also makes it abundantly clear that you lack any kind of credibility with the WSOP since a true activist would work to leverage such credibility and force a dialog with the people who can actually do something about the issue. Notorious publicity-seeking Douchebag much?”

On his official blog, respected online grinder Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt wrote:

” Shaun Deeb not only made a stupid decision to play in the ladies event, he then backed it up with some lame excuse … There is no way on earth you care this much about the ladies event that you are doing this as some sort of political stance on the issue… I played online poker outside in 12 degree temperatures this past Christmas to take a stance on supporting homelessness… So I know about doing crazy things to take a stance for something. What Shaun did was just a phony cover up to pretend he actually gave a s&*t about womens equality when really he was just being a jack ass.”

Suspensions from WSOP events may be in store for males like Deeb and David Sesso that entered the Ladies Event.

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