Jim “Krazy Kanuck” Worth and Mark “P0ker H0” Kroon, two of the most well-known names in the online poker world, are teaming up to debut a new show on Rounder’s Radio called “The Krazy H0 Show.” The one-hour show premieres this Sunday night at 8:00pm ET on Rounder’s Radio and will quickly become a staple of the airwaves. Poker News Daily sat down to talk with these animated celebrities to discuss what listeners can expect.

Poker News Daily: How did the idea for the show come up?

Kroon: When I first started playing poker, there was hardly anyone. Jim was one of the originals. I actually started playing poker because of him. He took me in under his wings and taught me how to play. I’ve always appreciated it and think he has a lot to say and teach. He has had success in the live arena and his online poker is second to none. Between us, we have more experience than just about anyone else.

Worth: Joe Sebok’s and Gavin Smith’s show (Poker Road) is great and wonderful to listen to, but it’s missing online poker content. Mark and I are known for being friendly and approachable. Between us, we probably know every name in the business both live and online, so the content is going to be second to none. We’ll start with one hour every Sunday night. With all of the major tournaments going on, the population of players is the greatest then. Within a month, we may expand the show to two hours and do wrap-ups or commentary. There has been a lot of interest from online poker sites for sponsorships or listener freerolls.

PND: Describe the content of the show.

Mark: A lot of our show will be informational. Even though I’m a representative of Ultimate Bet, we’re going to be talking about all of the sites. The first 15 minutes will be Jim and I talking about what’s happened in online poker during the week. This week, we’ll have Chris Moneymaker coming on. We’re also looking to get a lot of the online guys on the show. We’re trying to get people that our listeners can relate to. It’s also an open forum to talk poker.

Worth: We’ll also have occasional commentary on tournaments. We’re both going to be a little bit green. Love or hate our styles, both of us have had good results and have a good reputation in the business. I think that people can relate to what Mark and I have accomplished. A lot of people can’t relate to guys like Phil Hellmuth. He has 11 bracelets. Who can relate to that? Pretty much 95% of the online world can relate to us.

Kroon: We have two distinctive styles. Even though we agree on 90% of strategy, it’s the other 10% that people will enjoy. I’m a lot more aggressive than he is. That fire and ice thing will come across well when people ask us questions. We’ll have debates on different types of situations.

PND: Why did you select Rounder’s Radio to host your show?

Kroon: I love the freedom that they’re offering us to do whatever and say whatever we want. They don’t tie you into anything. I appreciate their laid back style. They gave us a time slot and told us that we’d have the freedom to do what we wanted to.

Worth: The guys are pretty laid back and were gung ho at the first mention of the idea. We have a winning combination even without the voices or experience. When you couple that with the people we know, I can’t imagine it won’t be a great show.

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