In this Replayer: Limit Hold’em strategy video, CardRunners instructor “The Bryce” lets us know how to beat some of the mid and high stakes limit hold’em heads up games online. Here’s the official CardRunners teaser:

It’s been a while since our last LHE HU vid, so boy did we forget how much fun it is. Let’s put it this way….The Bryce, $30/$60, HU. Let’s get ready to rumble, baby. Playing against “Dimitriy” who is on call with Bryce, TheBryce is expanding on 3-betting, bluffing, and drawing.

Here is some of the discussion from the video’s thread, as posted from “The Bryce”:

There are lots of spots where you can check-raise the river for value in 6-max. The most common are situations where your opponent will value bet any pair hoping to extract from a high card hand and the opponent is very unlikely to hold a high card hand himself.

It’s easier for me to reply if you give me the timestamp of the hand so I can watch it. You can apply the double check-raise in some 6-max situations but it’s tricky to make broad statements about when it’s appropriate without a specific example. Look for spots where you feel that if you check your opponent will bet almost all of his flop peeling range and it’ll serve you pretty well, but I generally wouldn’t do it with a hand that you feel is strong enough to 3-bet if it gets raised on the turn.

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