Played a hand terribly…

In a throwback to the days when Mike “The Mouth” Matusow frequently found himself on World Series of Poker television broadcasts flapping his maw in embarrassing fashion, Matusow couldn’t handle his own poor play during the 2020 WSOP Online and laid into an opponent during his live stream. A two-hand live stream, as that was as long as he lasted in Event #5: $1,000 No-Limit Freezeout.

Streaming on his YouTube channel, Matusow held A-Q in the big blind and three-bet when “wolverine17” raised from the small blind. The opponent took some time to think before calling to bring forth a 10-high flop. wolverine17 checked, Matusow moved all-in with his two overcards, and then his opponent called for a bit less than Matusow’s stack, again taking a little time to consider the decision.

As it turned out, wolverine17 had pocket Aces and won the pot. Matusow was eliminated the next hand.

…and went crazy on the other player

The sequence, combined with Matusow’s frustration in not realizing the tournament was a freezeout (presumably he would not have played the hand the same way had he known he could hit the rail), caused him to go off the deep end.

“This motherf**er,” he said. “I’m gonna f**k him right in his f**king ass, man. Mark that name down, ‘wolverine17.’ What the f**k is wrong with these f**king people?”

He then threatened physical violence, saying, “I am going to find out who this motherf**ker is, and I swear to you, I am going to throw him up against the f**king wall, and tell him if you ever slowroll me again, I’m going to beat your f**king ass.”

Matusow ranted for several more minutes, including on the phone to someone. The complaints took a hard turn into right-wing politics, saying that he bet his opponent was a “leftist,” that the player is what’s wrong with the country. Or something.

Want to take it outside?

Then Matusow asked viewers to doxx his opponent, offering to pay for information on wolverine17’s real-life identity. Because reasons?

Someone did eventually identify the player as not a man, as Matusow assumed, but a woman by the name of Megan Milburn. Because she made the money (38th place for $3,164), her real name was automatically published in the standings, so we are comfortable posting it here.

Of course, while Matusow took back his threats of harm, he still called Milburn a c**t, both in the stream and directly addressing her on Twitter.

Milburn took it all in stride, referring to Matusow’s accusations of a slowroll, “Lol it wasn’t intentional! The next one might be tho”

Matusow, as he should, got loads of criticism for his behavior, as he has thousands of times in the past. He eventually apologized publicly and privately. He took down the tweet in which he called her a c**t, but it had already been screen captured, the damage done.

Imagine being that full of rage over a poker hand.

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