PokerGO has announced the return of its popular poker show, No Gamble, No Future, which will premiere next Wednesday, March 22, at 8:00pm ET. The Season 2 debut will actually feature two episodes, back-to-back. From there, the show will air every Wednesday night through May.

Brent Hanks and Jeff Platt will once again man the commentary booth. And there will be something called…the Wheel of Pain?

“The first season of No Gamble, No Future blew away our expectations and we couldn’t be more excited to run it back for Season 2,” said Brent Hanks, who is also the PokerGO director of programming. “The cash will be flying, the personalities will be booming, and we’re introducing a new twist with the Wheel of Pain… we’ll very much be taking poker entertainment to new heights in Season 2, and I can’t wait.”

No Gamble, No Future began as a video podcast in January 2021, hosted by Hanks and Platt, eventually evolving into a cash-game poker show, similar to High Stakes Poker, which is also on the PokerGO subscription service.

PokerGO has confirmed that Chris Moneymaker, Patrik Antonius, Eric Persson, and Kevin Martin will be among the players to grace the show’s tables in Season 2. Stakes will range from $25/$50 to $200/$400.

“We launched No Gamble, No Future the show with the goal of creating thrilling new poker content full of fun at high stakes, and it delivered on so many levels,” said Platt in Monday’s press release. “Season 1 of No Gamble, No Future featured some of the most entertaining poker moments ever caught on camera, and we’ve got plenty more of that high-octane play in store for the audience in Season 2.”

We talked about one of the entertaining poker moments recently. In a game called “Cash of the Titans” with Andrew Robl, Eric Persson, Rob Yong, Markus Gonsalves, Matthew Gonzales, and Patrik Antonius, the buy-in was $1 million, with blinds starting at $500/$500 and increasing every three hours for three days.

That game produced the largest live-streamed pot in US poker history. Blinds were up to $1,000/$2,000 at that point with a $2,000 bid blind ante. Persson and Antonius both had heart flush draws on the 3-3♣-8 flop, but Antonius had the Ace. The A♠ on the turn gave Antonius two pair and Persson had no way to win, since he couldn’t make a better flop, a full house was out of the question, and he also couldn’t make a better two pair. After Antonius bet, Persson shoved all-in, and Antonius called after a bit of thought.

The final pot: $1,978,000, never before seen in a US live stream.

After that hand, there were three more hands with pots of over $1.2 million each.

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