We may not have a firm schedule – yet – but the 2024 World Series of Poker is already beginning to run satellite tournaments online. In New Jersey, Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, players on the WSOP.com sites can get in on the action each weekend. These satellite events will give their winners a $10,000 “passport” to the 2024 WSOP, which can be used on different events or all in one shot for the 2024 WSOP Championship Event.

Plenty of Opportunities to Enter Cheap

There will be two chances each weekend in the states of New Jersey and Nevada, which share players through the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement. On Saturdays at 7:30 PM (Eastern Time)/4:30 PM (Pacific Time), a $300 buy-in ($20 juice) tournament will be held that will offer $10,000 in tournament buy-in guaranteed for the eventual winner. Sundays the tournament will be held at 6:30 PM (Eastern Time)/3:30 PM (Pacific Time), with the buy-in for this event a bit lower ($200 buy-in, $15 juice) but the same prize guaranteed.

In the states of Pennsylvania and Michigan, the story is similar, but the opportunities are not. There will only be one chance each weekend for those states, both on Sundays at 6:30 PM (Eastern Time)/3:30 PM (Pacific Time) and both with a buy-in of $200 ($15 juice). The winner of each of those events will also receive the $10,000 package.

While it is thought that players who win these satellite packages will take their shot at the “big prize” in the 2024 WSOP Championship Event, there is nothing that is stated by the WSOP that it must be used for that tournament. In theory, players could enter some of the smaller events on the 2024 WSOP schedule. The problem is…there is not a schedule released yet.

WSOP Championship Event to Begin July 3

Usually, Caesars and WSOP officials get the full schedule out to the public in January. This allows players to make the necessary travel and accommodations planning that is necessary to play in the WSOP. As of the middle of February, we still do not have that schedule, but we do know when the WSOP will be going on and when the 2024 WSOP Championship Event will be held.

The 55th Annual World Series of Poker is set to be held for the third consecutive year at Paris Las Vegas and Horseshoe (formerly Bally’s) from May 28 through July 17. As a part of that schedule, the 2024 WSOP Championship Event (also called by its television moniker “The Main Event”) will be contested from July 3-17. Four Day Ones will be featured, running consecutively from July 3 to July 6. As stated, the $10,000 packages offered in the quartet of states’ satellites on WSOP.com can be used for anything from the preliminary events to the Championship Event itself.

The satellite tournaments will run through the end of February, so there are a few more chances for players in New Jersey, Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to earn their way into this year’s festivities on a budget price. Alas, the rest of us will have to wait until the actual 2024 WSOP to be able to take part in ANY satellite action!

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