One of the toughest things to come up with when programming a network – whether it is terrestrial, cable or streaming – is adequate material to put on your channel. In the case of PokerGO, there’s only so many tournament poker replays that can be put on the air. With that in mind, the streaming channel will be premiering a brand-new show on Monday that will tap into an area that they haven’t reached into previously.

The Big Blind Blends Quiz Shows, Poker and Gambling

The show, called The Big Blind, will be a quiz show that examines people’s knowledge of the world of gambling. Poker is going to be a focal point of the show, with other aspects around the game (Las Vegas, casinos, etc.) also providing a basis for questions. Poker also looks to be an aspect of the gameplay, as betting strategies will be used (think Jeopardy!) in wagering. Up for grabs during the run of the program will be $30,000 in prize money.

“At Poker Central, we are always thinking outside the box of traditional poker content,” Sampson Simmons, the president of Poker Central, stated during the announcement of the new programming. The Big Blind and its blend of trivia with poker strategy allows us to bring a fresh form of entertainment to PokerGO subscribers, bringing both new and seasoned poker players to the table for this fun new format.”

PokerGO has lined up some talented competitors for the inaugural episodes of the program. Comedian/poker player Norm MacDonald, Jeopardy! champ/former poker pro Alex Jacob, podcaster Joe Ingram and others will be a part of the proceedings. Hosting the program will be Jeff Platt, who adds sideline commentary for many PokerGO programs and, according to his Twitter, is a self-confessed “very average poker player.”

PokerGO Trying to Branch Out Beyond the Felt

If there’s one thing that can be said for PokerGO, they are at the minimum trying to expand their programming beyond just playing cards. Of course, the main staple of the streaming network’s broadcasting is its summertime coverage of the World Series of Poker and the streaming of the final tables on the World Poker Tour. But the “powers that be” in the boardroom at PokerGO realize that you just can’t keep rolling out tournament coverage to make a network.

PokerGO has been able to bring up documentary style presentations that have been well received. Modeled after the History Channel’s Biography series or the YES Network’s Yankeeography, PokerGO’s Pokerography was one of the first non-playing programs to garner success for the channel. This has led to other programming such as Legends of the Game and Insiders.

One thing that hadn’t been tried to this point by PokerGO was a game show type program. Coming up with the proper idea and how to play it off, especially on a channel focused on gambling, had to be a difficult chore. Apparently, that issue was solved – and it’s arguably the best approach – when Poker Central producer John Bovenizer came up with the concept of The Big Blind.

Especially with the program produced in-house – meaning they aren’t paying someone to create the show for them, as the WSOP and WPT programs are done – Poker Central can keep the costs down and provide quality entertainment. The next logical step when it comes to in-house productions that don’t cost massive amounts of money would be a reality show type program. It wouldn’t be at all surprising to see that appear on PokerGO sooner rather than later.

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