If you are like me – and I know you are – you have hundreds of thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket, just begging to be deposited in an online poker room. Perhaps you won a boatload on the myriad of Super Bowl prop bets this weekend. Maybe you made a killing shorting the market at the end of last year. Either way, we are both replete with mad stacks of cash and need somewhere to park them. Enter partypoker, which has added a new tier to its VIP program called Diamond Club ELITE (yes, ELITE is in all caps), a tier which as you might be able to tell from the name, rises above all other tiers.

To hit Diamond Elite status, a player needs to generate $200,000 in rake during a twelve month period. That’s $200,000 in rake, not deposits. But that shouldn’t be a problem for those of us who swim in Scrooge McDuck vault of gold coins, right? All real money poker games count – cash games, tournaments, Sit-and-Go’s, whatever.

The rewards are pretty nice (or at least they seem like it to me – I don’t currently play on partypoker, but might start because I need something to do with all my money besides buying more houses, cars, and choppers). Weekly cashback starts at 40 percent, but can go as high as 60 percent.

Two players will get even sicker rakeback. The first Sit-and-Go Jackpot player and first cash game player to hit the $200,000 rake mark will have their cashback topped up to 100 percent and then get 100 percent cashback until January 31, 2020. For the terms of this 100 percent rakeback promo, “Sit-and-Go player” and “cash game player” mean players who have at least 80 percent of their game play in those respective game types.

Everybody who achieves $200,000 rake and thus qualifies for Diamond Club ELITE will get a VIP package to the Caribbean Poker Party and a $10,300 seat in the MILLIONS in December of this year.

When players hit $100,000 rake, they will receive a $10,000 cash reward and then another $20,000 cash reward at $200,000 (I assume it’s an additional $20,000 and not $10,000 to bring the total to $20,000, based on the promo’s wording).

Players must opt-in to Diamond Club ELITE by e-mailing [email protected] At that point, the twelve month period for accumulating rake begins, so if you are one of those wealthy bastards like me who is confident in his ability to rake it up, just be sure you don’t opt-in unless you know you will have the time to devote to poker, as the clock start ticking right away.

For the poor saps who can’t hang with us big boys, there is still Diamond Club, which requires $100,000 in rake. Cashback starts at 40 percent at that level, too, but only goes up to 50 percent. Diamond Club rake counting can be back dated 30 days from the opt-in date, but it can’t be with Diamond Club ELITE, as that VIP tier just launched on February 1.

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