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This month, PartyPoker is bringing back its popular Snowball promotion, allowing players to bank up to $10,000 in cash and get access to $100,000 in freerolls. The promotion, which was last held in September, will run until February 28th at 23:59 ET.

If you’re interested in participating in the PartyPoker Snowball promotion, you must opt in from your “My Account” page. However, if you’re late opting in, don’t worry, as PartyPoker will give you credit for any points you’ve already earned. Text found on PartyPoker’s website concedes, “Players opting in to the promotion… will have their points counted towards the promotion retroactively.”

There are 24 prize levels in the Snowball promotion, up from 15 in September. When you reach one, you’ll take home the prize associated with that level along with all of the prizes you’ve hit until that point. The first prize, a $5,000 freeroll entry, comes after PartyPoker players have tallied five points.

$50,000, $20,000, $15,000, $10,000, and $5,000 freerolls are available for players who rack up 200, 100, 50, 25, and five PartyPoints during February, respectively. Then, the cash prizes start. Players who amass 300 points throughout the month will get $3. Plus, they’ll get access to every single freeroll offered, which together will shell out $100,000 in prize money.

The first three-figure cash prize given out during the PartyPoker Snowball promotion, a $180 bankroll boost, comes your way when 7,500 points are generated. Then, a player will have cumulatively banked $465 along with $100,000 in freeroll entries.

The Snowball promotion rewards the true grinder. Anyone who manages to accrue 30,000 PartyPoints in February will get $2,500 in total cash. 40,000 points means that $3,650 will be coming your way, while 50,000 points will result in a cumulative cash infusion of $5,000. Finally, any PartyPoker player who manages to snag 75,000 points this month will receive $10,000 in cash, double the grand prize from September. In each case, players will also have access to all of the freerolls.

Here’s a look at each Snowball point level and its associated prize. Remember, the prizes are cumulative:

75,000 points: $5,000
50,000 points: $1,350
40,000 points: $1,150
30,000 points: $1,000
20,000 points: $475
15,000 points: $375
10,000 points: $185
7,500 points: $180
5,000 points: $70
4,000 points: $65
3,000 points: $32
2,500 points: $30
2,000 points: $28
1,500 points: $26
1,000 points: $12
750 points: $10
500 points: $5
400 points: $4
300 points: $3
200 points: $50,000 freeroll entry
100 points: $20,000 freeroll entry
50 points: $15,000 freeroll entry
25 points: $10,000 freeroll entry
5 points: $5,000 freeroll entry

This Sunday also marks the February running of the PartyPoker Monthly Million. The $640 buy-in tournament takes place on the first Sunday of each month and, as its name suggests, offers a $1 million guaranteed prize pool.

A bevy of qualifiers are available that start as low as $1 and each entrant receives 20,000 in starting chips. The blinds begin at 25-50 and the price of poker ticks up every 20 minutes. Antes kick in at Level 6, when the blinds are 250-500.

If $640 is a little bit out of your budget, then check out a $1 Million Mega Friday Satellite to the Monthly Million that has a $75 buy-in and guarantees 20 seats. That event takes place tonight at 17:00 ET. Tomorrow, look for a pair of $35 buy-in tournaments that guarantee a total of 13 seats.

Visit PartyPoker for more details.

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