Holidays, changes of season, and major sporting events are all good excuses for online poker rooms to run promotions. The turn of the decade is no different. It’s a special milestone and the perfect time for a poker room to do something. Enter partypoker. Beginning this Monday, the online poker room is running the “New Year Rush” promotion for four weeks to ring in 2020.

Every day of the promo, partypoker customers can receive up to three special New Year Rush cards for playing a very minimal amount of poker. Each card contains a randomly drawn prize. Possible prizes are as follows:

  • Cash from $0.50 to $500
  • Tournament dollars up to T$500
  • Leaderboard points

Players who earn just 0.2 points in a day will earn one prize card. The second prize card is awarded at 1.5 points, while the third card is given at 5 points. The points system is pretty straightforward: players earn 1 points for every dollar in rake they generate. So just $5 in rake per day to earn all three possible cards.

Each week, the prizes partypoker is giving out via the cards will total $100,000. Apparently, there are actually a limited number of prizes to be awarded, so it sounds like it could theoretically be a “while supplies last” scenario. But with four separate weeks of the New Year Rush promo, the prize supply will reset even if it does run out, so there are plenty of opportunities to win something.

Like lots of online poker promotions, partypoker’s New Year Rush also has weekly leaderboards. They are different than you normally see, though. Typically, leaderboards require tons of grinding; if you take a day off, you have no chance. And they often require high stakes grinding, too, if there aren’t different stakes leaderboards.

In New Year Rush, the leaderboard points are only earned via the daily card drops. Thus, the winners of the leaderboard are essentially decided at random. It’s actually kind of nice – I know when I used to play online poker, I played low stakes and played fairly casual, though I did play nearly daily. I never had a shot at the leaderboard rankings. But it wasn’t a problem for me to generate few dollars in rake per day, so I certainly would have had just as good of a shot as anyone else in the New Year Rush promo.

Basically, this entire promotion is just an opportunity for partypoker players to get some free money without doing anything different than normal.

The top 20 on the leaderboard each week will win a share of $10,000. Prizes range from $25 to $3,000.

Each week of the promotion runs Monday through Sunday. The final day is February 2nd. Keep in mind that players must opt-in via the poker client to be eligible for any prizes.

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