Poker News Daily can confirm that Pitbull Poker, a small site on the Flash Poker Network, closed down on Wednesday, according to a high-placed source. Contrary to rumors, no arrests were made in Costa Rica. The future of player funds held on the site is up in the air.

Dave Brenes, at last account, is the spokesperson for Pitbull Poker with the title of Network Manager.  He had previously been in contact with Poker News Daily regarding the allegations and, when asked to do an interview about the matter, declined by saying a statement from ownership was coming. The source told Poker News Daily on Wednesday that the closure of the site caught them off-guard and a public statement would be forthcoming. Pitbull Poker tables should not be active online.

On September 29th, a user by the name of “dbreal” posted a message on the TwoPlusTwo forums claiming he was Brenes.  Poker News Daily can independently confirm that “dbreal” is in fact Brenes.  The post in question states that Kevin Baronowski (owner of Pitbull Poker) took away Brenes’s TwoPlusTwo account, thus he had to register a new one.  He stated that fellow workers at Pitbull Poker called him at 3:00am stating that Kevin and Jordan (a business partner) were trying to take out computers and leave the premises without saying a word to anyone in the office.  The on-site staff then called police, who took the two in for questioning.

Less than two hours after that post, the rumor gained a ton of steam when players reported that Pitbull Poker’s website was up and running; however, players logged into the client only to be met with the site being down.  Players attempting to log in received the following error:

Application Error
An unexpected error has occurred! Our support team has been already informed. See details below.

Message: com.draagon.util.ResourceException: com.draagon.meta.MetaException: Unable to load objects of class [draagon::user::User], a popular website that tracks the number of players online, reported a zero for Pitbull poker early this morning.  The games and poker site were down for over eight hours following the post from “dbreal” on the forums.

Twelve hours after his original post, “dbreal” surfaced again in the same thread on the TwoPlusTwo forums.  He wrote that Baronowski was taken in for interrogation, as many people on-scene claimed he was trying to leave without notice.  He stated once again that he was not personally there when they were caught, but confirmed that his computer was one of the first they took away before co-workers arrived at the scene.

There are now allegations from Pitbull regulars (mainly former prop players monitoring the cheating situation) that they have been monitoring activity the last few months on the site and have exposed at least three superuser accounts.

Poker News Daily will continue to monitor the situation closely as it unfolds.


  1. JC Hawk says:

    I was given a e-mail address so everyone could submit their claim of issue.. The address is wrong or unable to be used so they are getting me another one tomorrow. I will post it as soon as I get it.

    I am in talks with the Costa Rica government, the US business trade (CRETA) and many others about this. This is bigger than just ripping off poker players, if the government does not step in it may have a ripple effect on trade. They want our money and trade and we need to know we have protection on investments made in Costa Rica.

    If I need to spend out of my own pocket the money to advertise how dangers’ it is to invest in ANY business in Costa Rica I will. Michael Moor might like this one. LOL

    I will post the e-mail tomorrow


  2. JC Hawk says:

    ***** Up Date ***
    E-mail all information of your lose from Pitbull to,

    Subject: Pitbull Sport Betting

    Your info here ***

    This is going to the prosecutors office in Costa Rica


  3. kathy says:

    I tried the new address you had for them and it came back undeliverable. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am willing to try anything to get my money back. Thanks for all your trouble.

  4. Colin says:

    Hawk, is this for U.S. customers only?

  5. JC Hawk says:

    No its for any one scammed by them…
    sorry my bad on the e-mail address


  6. fishnetgirl says:

    I too was part of the investigation with Chesterboy, there is more info available that I do not believe has hit public forums and I’m not sure in which I am at liberty to discuss here publically.

    However, I do wish to be a part of this as they also owe me $1500+.

    Please email me at


  7. neusdrof says:

    I would be willing to do a road trip down to Costa Rica. I live in Los Angeles, CA. Anyone interested email me at with any advice or info.


  8. kathy says:

    When are we going to here something hawk?

  9. neusdrof says:

    lets still try to keep this active anyone with updates or comments please post.

  10. kathy says:

    I look at this post everyday so lets keep up the heat.

  11. Cory K says:

    Anything New JC Hawk? I’ve not had any reply from the Consular after numerous friendly emails.

  12. JC Hawk says:

    They are still working on it (CR) but Kevin Baronowsky has gone back to hide in Canada, (I now know where he is and his family) and Dave Brenes is hiding like the coward he is. We are now hunting Mr. Baronowsky and will find him, he needs to answer a few questions face to face. This will be done soon. His party days with my money is over.

    I will keep you updated as well as I can


  13. D Fargher says:


    Has anyone heard of any news about getting our cash back yet? I only just found this web page. I’m not out as much as some people on here but am pissed off and want to know what I can do to get my cash back.



  14. nick says:

    I played on this site in early 2009 and i remember winning a quick thousand and trying to cash out and it was the most challenging task to cash out, i basically threatened to sue them for my money or else. I eventually got my money a month or so later, but ever since then i never put my money on that site again because it was so sketchy. I had a really strong feeling it was corrupt after that situation a year ago from now.

  15. DaInvisibleMan says:

    Hi JC,

    I am in too. My screen-name at PitBullPoker was DaInvisibleMan and my email is

    I had over $100 and made that off of the free money they provided initially. Never made a deposit but it is still my money.


  16. tonio says:

    JC hawk dont speak about costa rica like that, if shit like that happen is because of u people (north americans) going there and mounting scaming business and showing us how to do it

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