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On Sunday, Mother’s Day was foremost on the minds of many of the stars of the game, with heartfelt thoughts sweeping across the Twitterverse. “Mothers of the world, I salute you,” chirped Maria Ho early during the special day. “You all deserve to be appreciated and acknowledged for your selfless love every single day.” Her “Amazing Race” partner, Tiffany Michelle, echoed her sentiment: “Sending love to all of you beautiful, brave, loving, and patient mothers out there.”

Even the gentlemen got into the act, with former FBI agent and poker tells expert Joe Navarro adding, “Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and thank you for the overwhelmingly difficult job you do every day.”

Some of the Mother’s Day Tweets brought a tear to the eye. In a departure from his boisterous chirps, “Hollywood” Dave Stann was reflective: “Happy M Day everyone. Miss u, mom.” Beth Shak was moved to Tweet, “My most memorable Mother’s Day. When your own son says, ‘Mom, you did a great job raising me.’ He brought tears to my eyes.”

Annie Duke, taking time out from her multitude of charity poker events, included a Twitpic of her Mother’s Day gift, saying, “My kids planted me an herb garden for Mother’s Day. So sweet!” Duke’s boyfriend, Joe Reitman, was fortunate enough that his schedule worked out: “Was supposed to film tonight… was in a panic… it just got canceled, so now I can have a proper mom’s day dinner with @RealAnnieDuke.”

On the poker front, the Jennifer Harman charity poker tournament benefiting the National Kidney Foundation drew some of the biggest names in the game. “I’m currently in Reno, NV for Jennifer Harman’s Charity Tournament to benefit the National Kidney Foundation,” tweeted Victory Poker pro Paul “Kwickfish” Wasicka at the start of the weekend.

Others, such as Karina Jett (“I’m hanging out w poker ho, Kristy Gazes, Jennifer Harman, and many more at her cocktail party”), Andy Bloch (“Doing the charity poker circuit today, in Reno for Jen Harman’s kidney foundation event, then to Van Nuys CA for another tournament”), and Bryan “badbeatninja” Devonshire (“Cards about to get in the air for the Jen Harman charity event for the National Kidney Foundation in Reno, NV”), made the trip.

The outpouring of support surprised Harman: “Wow, huge turnout for my charity event for the National Kidney Foundation. Thanks to everyone for coming.” “Had so much fun! Ty so much,” Absolute Poker pro Trishelle Cannatella replied to Harman upon the completion of the event. Jeff Harrington ultimately took down the charity poker tournament.

For those who weren’t in attendance in Reno, the upcoming Fox cash game show “The Big Game” was their place for action. “Dropped by the set of The Big Game at South Pointe. Poker world, you are going to love this show! I play again tom in a super fun lineup,” Tweeted Daniel Negreanu. PokerStars serves as the presenting sponsor of “The Big Game,” which hits television airwaves on June 14th.

DoylesRoom pro Todd Brunson added that he would be playing: “I am playing in The Big Game tomorrow. That’s the new PokerStars show that will be on Fox. Playing with Daniel, Freddy Deeb, Vanessa.” Vanessa Rousso herself was ready for action, Tweeting, “Tomorrow I play in Fox TVs new show The Big Game… can’t wait!”

Some of the action Tweeted by the players may give poker fans something to look forward to. Barry Greenstein wasn’t pleased with his play when he Tweeted, “The Big Game was all No Limit Holdem. I’m so upset over a couple hands, I didn’t sleep well: Plays I would have made when I was younger.”

Phil Hellmuth and Negreanu, however, discussed a hand that whets the appetite for the program. “A hand came up in The Big Game that was so sick I dare not talk about, ever! I guarantee it will be talked about worldwide,” Hellmuth chirped. Negreanu agreed: “I’ll second that. One of the sickest hands ever on TV. Best poker show I’ve ever done today, people are going to flip!”

Topping off the best Tweets from the weekend was Doyle Brunson, apparently offering a joke for poker journalist and hostess Amanda Leatherman: “For you Amanda… What do you give a blonde who has everything?… Penicillin.”

Looking for a place to stay during the upcoming WSOP, Annette “Annette_15” Obrestad took a look at the Panorama Towers and Tweeted, “I did look at some places at Panorama and I must say… I wasn’t impressed.”

Finally, Alex Outhred had a thought that many have had when playing poker: “I’m comforted knowing that when my time is done here, I’m likely to come face-to-face with these ‘Poker Gods.’ With any luck, the Online Division.”

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