Time to lighten things up around here. Now, this story is about law enforcement being called to a poker game, so on its face, it doesn’t necessarily seem like a “light” story, but it’s actually pretty funny. Lesson for today: be careful what you wish for.

The entertainment was relayed by poker player Will Givens, who among other accomplishments won a bracelet at the 2014 World Series of Poker. Givens was playing at the Golden Gates Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado when he witnessed an interesting hand.

Posting a play-by-play on Twitter, Givens said that a woman opened the betting in a hand, got raised, and then called. She checked the flop and then tanked when her male opponent made a bet. After about ten seconds into her pondering, the man told her that he would show her his hand if she showed hers.

Pretty standard table banter so far.

But then things took a turn. Rather than just laughing it off like most people, the unnamed woman told the guy that she would rather show him her…endowments, so to speak, before mucking her cards.

“I thought she was tight na she’s Aggressive,” Will Givens joked.

Givens said that the encounter escalated, with the woman telling the man that her sarcastic offer was the closest he would ever get to a woman, to which he responded by commenting on her looks, presumably saying something that was supposed to be an insult. Givens said that “she went nuts.”

A couple hours later, the woman busted out of the tournament and proceeded to seek a refund. I am not sure on what grounds, but perhaps she felt that she was being harassed and that the floor should have done something about it. I don’t know. I’m just going off of what Will Givens tweeted.

Not satisfied with whatever response she got (probably “no”), the woman called the police and wanted to press charges. Press charges on somebody.

Some time later, the authorities arrived. Vindication for the woman! The cops would take care of everything.

Oh, would they.

As it turned out, the woman had outstanding warrants. Instead of getting the satisfaction that she thought she deserved, she got the handcuffs that she deserved and was escorted out. I have tried to find out what her warrants were for, but alas, I came up empty. We can only imagine. Either they were some relatively minor charges from long enough ago that she forgot about them or the woman was simply so stupid that she didn’t think that by bringing the police to her, she would gift wrap herself to them. I like to think it is the latter.

Now, none of this excuses the man’s behavior in all of this, as he clearly said some completely unnecessary things that served no purpose except to piss the woman off. At the same time, though, it is definitely fun to see at least one person who acted like an asshole get their comeuppance.

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