The coronavirus pandemic is a weird thing. We in the United States heard about it weeks, if not months, ago, but because it didn’t affect most of us, most people didn’t take it seriously. It was just in China. It was just up there in Washington. But then the NBA season was suspended and people raised their eyebrows. Then March Madness was cancelled and holy shit, this is a thing. Tom Hanks and his wife caught COVID-19. Wait…I love Tom Hanks! Senators got it. A co-worker. A neighbor. Most of the poker world understands the seriousness of this pandemic, but some poker rooms are still open. And while he isn’t a household name to casual poker fans, perhaps the fact that poker pro David “Doc” Sands, a very well-respected player in the poker world, just announced that he has been diagnosed with the coronavirus will get some more people to take notice.

Felt like a bad cold

Sands reported on Twitter that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 Saturday night.

“I want to share my experience in case it is helpful to others,” he wrote. “I am 35yo male with no preexisting conditions who is married with two children. I don’t smoke, rarely drink and workout 4x/week during normal times.”

Sands went on to describe the progression of his symptoms. Last Monday, a week ago, he said he was feeling fatigued and then had sinus pressure which brought on a headache. It was Tuesday morning, though, that he woke up with what he said was “one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had.”

He also had a “touch” of post-nasal drip and an occasional cough. He didn’t think he had caught the virus because he did not have a fever or shortness of breath, two of the primary symptoms.

The luxury of concierge medicine

His doctor said that he didn’t need to get tested because he hadn’t come into contact with anyone who he knew had the virus in the last five days.

On Wednesday and Thursday, his headache morphed into a “mild, dull ache” and he had a “bit of flem [sic]” in his cough. Sands also had a mild case of diarrhea on Wednesday. On Thursday, he told his doctor that he wanted a coronavirus test.

Fortunately, Sands has a concierge doctor, something that most people do not have, so he was able to get the test done in his car outside the doctor’s office. Two days later, the doctor confirmed the diagnosis. Overall, he said he is feeling ok, but his wife is experiencing similar symptoms, so she is getting tested.

“I have no idea how I got the virus,” Sands said. He added:

I wore gloves and often a mask during the few times I was in public in the week preceding my symptoms, and I practiced what would be generally regarded as extreme hygiene (shoes off in garage, all clothes off and in washing machine immediately upon entering house. immediate shower & handwashing, no touching face, etc). I am someone who has been in the “paranoid” camp regarding this virus for 6+ weeks. I sounded the alarm and got my parents out of the Bay Area 3 weeks ago when most though I was crazy.

While he does not say it, the big takeaway aside from understanding some of the symptoms, is that anyone can catch this virus. It is not limited to the elderly or those who lick subway handrails. Any of us can catch it. And while most of us will be just fine, some of us won’t. So stay home, take care of yourselves, and let’s come out the other side.

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